Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Another day, another card


I could get back into this blogging lark quite easily, although I butternut speak too soon,

Just a quick card for you tonight. Again made with the My Mind's eye Lost and Found 3 Ruby collection. I love the colours in this collection.

The doilys and text icon are from the sticker sheet that coordinate with the range. add a little ribbon and a little inking around the edges and this makes a perfect card to maybe thank someone for their invitation to a wedding or just a good day spent with friends.

Monday, 18 January 2016

I told you I liked Butterflies - Home decor.

Something different to a card today!

One day I wanted to make some thing different to a card, and so using papercrafts on nylon lampshades came into my life.

Most of these flowers started their life on my Silhouette Cameo machine. I cut the flowers in different sizes from patterned paper which instantly gave them life, them inked the edges and added shape and pearls to really make them 'breathe'. I also cut leaves and stems from Co'ordinations cardstock, and of course had to use butterflies in different sizes. My Love for Butterflies continued.

The lampshades I used are nylon, they are more expensive than paper ones (but not not considerably more) and being nylon I knew they would be more robust and hardwearing. They would withstand the use of hot glue to fix the flowers onto the shade and also last a lot longer.

These items weren't a quick make, the flowers took quite a while, but I would cut a lot of flowers stems and butterflies in different sizes and then ink, shape and build at the same time, I then had a bank of flowers to use whenever I needed some. Nad if course if ever I needed flowers for a 3D card they were there for that too.

I really hope you like these lampshades. Perfect for a little girl's room I hope you'll agree.

Join me again for another make soon.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Love is like a Butterfly

Hi there,

Isn't it funny how tastes change. 

When I started crafting I really didn't like using butterflies on my projects. Not because I have a phobia to them or an inherent dislike to them, but just because I just didn't 'get' it. 

Then, all of a sudden I did. I liked using them and really couldn't get enough. Now I think I have this down to a healthy balance of butterfly love. 

Again made with the My Minds Eye Lost and Found 3 Ruby collection, The butterfly is from their sticker sheet, as is the pink doily like sticker that forms the main focal point of the card. A little ribbon and glitter stickers finishes the card. 

The sticker sheets are great for those quick cards when you realise "Oh poop, I forgot to send great Aunt Gertrude a card again to thank her for that present at Christmas!"

Back on Monday with yet another card, I could get used to this! 

Friday, 15 January 2016

The best things in life...

Good Evening all,

I hope this post finds you well.

I love those cards that have that eclectic vibe to them and come together eclectically too. This was one such card.

I made some flowers (just playing about as you do) and before I knew it I was making a card to put them on. You know how it happens, you stumble upon some papers, think 'ooh they look nice, I wonder what they would look like if I made something with them.' So you make something (In this case, flowers) and then as you're making them you almost see a card developing in your head. A few die cut circles and edging and a stamped butterfly with some inking later and a card is created. 

My Mind's Eye did have a part to play in the creation of this card yet again, and I think the butterfly is a docrafts Urban Stamp. I hope you like! 

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Must see New York!

Howdy Folks!

Not something they would say in New York I'm sure!

I love New York. Well I do now. I visited back in 2002 and when we first arrived there I hated it. Nearly got run over by a yellow taxi near Grand Central Station on our first night and something like that sticks in your mind as not one of the best holiday memories. Anyway, over the week I warmed to the cosmopolitan lull of the city and also the nonchalance and sometimes rudeness of most of it's residents (who let's all be honest are just trying to get to work and probably are fed up with someone oohing and ahhing at the big buildings getting in their way).

By the end of the holiday I didn't want to leave and was lucky enough to go back on 2013 when visiting a friend from the UK that was living in the US of A due to her husband's job. We had three nights in New York and again it didn't disappoint.

One of the souvenirs I brought back was a calendar, and when it had served it's purpose I couldn't bear to just discard it. I bought it because I loved the images that reminded me of those old posters that can now be purchased so one of the images became repurposed and rejuvenated into a reason to make a card!

I used papers from the My Mind's Eye 'Lost and Found 3 Ruby' Collection, along with some real stamps and other embellishments. The punch that makes the note book torn edge is from Stampin' Up. Boy, I love that punch, but can I find it for the life of me since my house move? Can I? No I can't.

A simple card 'just because...I hope you like it.

Another card on Saturday!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Well it's about time...

That I update this old blog.

Now that my craft studio that is really 'the posh shed at the bottom of the garden' is oh so nearly finished, I truly am trying to get back onto crafting in a major way. And at the moment that's not so easy.

You see, when there's a cosy fire with a cat hell bent on sitting on your knee in the house and the craft studio is at least a 30 second walk away in the freezing cold with an equally freezing interior for at least 10 minutes until the electric radiator warms the air, it takes the will power of the strongest person to make it out and up there.

However, up there I will, and I'm sure it will be easier in the summer with lighter evenings and the like.

'Till then I'll share with you some of my most recent projects (probably made a good few months ago) that have never made it onto my blog. I'll share one every other day for the next few days. Space 'em out. You know, make them go further...

 I made this card for one of my friends at the local drama group that I'm a member of. Obviously she wanted a special card for a special birthday and I think she thought this fitted the bill perfectly. I made the pink flowers and stems with a die and added paper flowers. The frame was die cut from Core'diations Whitewash paper and sanded back to add definition. I created the text on my computer. of course I had to make a box to fit this card in which I made with my Scorepal.

So, still sat here in front of the real fire with a cat sat on my arm whilst I TRY and type, don't think I'm going to make it up there tonight. It being past 11pm and all...Maybe tomorrow. 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Well I think it's time... give this blog a little resuscitation and revival! It's been far too long.

Far too long since I properly crafted, made anything, blogged, had a life...the lot!

So a quick whizz around my life to bring you up to date...

I got divorced in February 2013, more about that here. David and I are still good friends, we lend each other things {well actually, I borrow a lot and he lends!}, and talk about our current relationships, which I must admit is a bit weird but I can handle it :)

Joe is now 10 years old, and we are best friends I hope that doesn't change. I hope forever and a day that he feels able to tell me everything. Well, almost everything!

I am with Peter, it's been a bumpy old ride, I've been with his for about 3 years now. We did split in October 2014 but of course he realised he couldn't give me up {ha ha} and I moved in with him in May of this year. Now believe me, moving two houses into one has been no mean feat, and I think we will be topsy turvy for quite a while, but we'll get there.

I was working as the Assistant Manager of a Brewers Fayre in Cleethorpes, which kept me busy, very busy! So busy that I never got to do any crafting, socialist, see Joe very much or have a life! So Tuesday was my last shift where I hung up my Manager's apron {Hypothetically, I didn't actually wear an apron}, said a tearful goodbye to my colleagues to start a new job in a couple of weeks which is 9-5 Monday to Friday. Yes I'm doing a Dolly Parton!

Which brings me to present day. I'm having a craft room constructed at the end of the garden {and believe me it's a pretty long garden, about 100 meters}. We decided that there wasn't a room big enough to hold all my craft stuff, even though I had had a good clear out before I moved! My online craft shop is on holiday at the moment whilst everything is inaccessible at the back of our garage, and  I need room for that too. So a dream was born. To be able to build my own craft haven really is a dream come true for me.

And so it began. We visited Kirton Sectional Buildings and created a bespoke Craft Studio you might say, from two of their summer houses combined to make the most ideal space. We added a window and turned from from portrait to landscape giving 1 window to the front aspect and one at each end. We moved the double door to the left from the centre and added a veranda too. It's made from heavy duty timber with a Onduline roof that's virtually maintenance free, and has double glazed windows, door, and also gutters and downpipes. It really is gorgeous!

We had to have a concrete base laid for the foundations of the studio and we also decided to add a small path to the front of the studio too. Then about a week later they came to build the studio, which is included in the cost.

It has a lovely wooden floor too which will help to keep the studio warm and cosy in the winter months. This was the craft studio that evening with the building all finished but still lots to do.

Then we started painting and it had to be my favourite colour of all time - sea grass/turquoise in two different shades. I used the Valspar range for exterior wood available from B & Q as I had used this in Joe's new room and it was so lovely to use. I used the colours Zen on the main panels and blown glass on the balustrades and around the windows and doors. Here's Mr. P helping me paint...

and here he is posing with his electrics!

and this is it so far. I still have to paint one side and the ballustrades of the veranda but the weather has been very rainy. There is still yellow masking tape around the windows as I have to do another coat around them too.  

Today Peter is in the process of putting internet up there so I can use my computer etc. And then we wait for the plasterer who is coming to insulate, plasterboard, plaster and paint the interior before I can work my magic. I can't wait. I have so much planned that I would like to do. 

That's all for now. I'll never leave so long next time. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Daily Inspiration...iAppreciate You!

Good Morning All!

Thanks for joining me today. I wonder what kind of weather today will bring, it just doesn't seem to be able decide what to do with itself at the moment. Whatever it brings I have been given strict orders from my GP to relax and take things easy as I'm still not eating at all well after my bowel op and have the energy of a sloth!

This was a card I was asked to make for someone at work. I usually ask people what the recipients hobbies and likes are, and the answer I got was 'Do you have anything showing a lady on the sofa with an iPad, as that's all my mum seems to do!'

With this in mind I looked everywhere and could find nothing that even resembled this request (which frankly I was surprised about!), but then I remembered that there is a very talented guy at work who is amazing at art and drawing. I asked him if he could draw 'a lady on a sofa with an iPad' and he did just that! I scanned this into my computer, fiddled with it, got it the right size, and printed out onto Aspire Crafts Crafting Card and voila! The lad who ordered it from me for Mother's Day was really chuffed with it!

Because this was essentially a digi stamp, I printed the image onto the craft Card, then onto patterned paper from My Mind's Eye Then & Now 'Dorothy' Paper Pad and paper pieced the image. I then printed out the image yet again onto crafting card, coloured the lady with Distress markers, then decupaged. The iPad itself is coloured with a souflee grey sakura pen. 

I printed the greeting using 'Teletype' font.

Supplies used from Clare Curd Crafts!: Tim Holtz/Ranger Distress Markers; MME Then & Now Dorothy 6 x 6 paper pad; CCC Ravishing Ribbon in Burgundy - 25mm and 10mm

I really hope you like this card as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for visiting me today! xx

Monday, 7 April 2014

Daily Inspiration...Distressed Panel

Good Afternoon everyone!

Thanks for joining me today for some 'Daily Inspiration!' 

This is a card I made for my mum. She was having a cataract operation and being an hour and a half away from where they live, and working too I couldn't visit. So I decided I would make her a card to show I was thinking of her. 

I saw this card on Pinterest, and couldn't resist making my own version. I loved it so much, and I must admit that it came out pretty much like the original! 

I think this card design is perfect for lots of different occasions, just changing the sentiment, and maybe color scheme will suffice!

I created the panel by stamping the agapanthus head with white ink and embossed with white powder. Then I added Worn Lipstick and Spiced Marmalade Distress Inks to the panel using my blending tool. I then spritzed the panel with Docrafts Artiste gold spritzing ink. Pearls from my stash and burnt gold sequins purchased from The Range were added. 

If Pinterest is anything to go by, I have really noticed that vellum is on a comeback with a vengeance, and I think it works great when used as a panel for greetings! 
I used a greeting stamp from my stash (I think it's Hero Arts), and stamped with Versamark. Then I dusted with gold lustre powder from the Mica Powder Set 1 from CleverCut. I secured this to the card by cutting into the spine of the card and folding around, then adding a piece of card to cover the workings!

Ranger Distress Inks in Spiced Marmalade and Worn Lipstick

I hope you enjoyed visiting today... I'll be back tomorrow with another card! x

Thursday, 3 April 2014

New Teresa Collins 2014 Collections added to Clare Curd Crafts!

Good Evening All!

I'm so excited about the NEW Teresa Collins Collections, that I wanted to take a few minutes from watching a movie with Joe to show you why! The reason is they're simply stunning and they're now in stock at Clare Curd Crafts!

First up is...

A fresh and clean collection that's great for cards, scrapbooks, journalling, ATC's, project fact for all types of crafting! I think that's why I love it so much. In stock I have the 6 x 6 paper pack, 12 x 12 chipboard elements (2 sheets of 6 x 12), decorative and word stickers, chipboard buttons and brads, stamps, decorative enamel dots and shapes, ephemera pack, gems, file folders and layered butterflies. There's something to love for all in this collection!

Next is...

Initially, you (or rather I, for I can only speak for myself!) think about wedding scrapbooks and the like, but there's much more life than just nuptials in this collection! Simply stunning colours are put together to celebrate life and love of all kinds! 
 In stock are 6 x 6 paper packs, 12 x 12 chipboard elements (2 sheets of 6 x 12), decorative and word stickers, chipboard buttons and brads, stamps, decorative enamel dots and shapes, ephemera pack, gems, and file folders.

Finally we have...

I've been really hard pushed to choose a favourite from this release of TC, but I think winning by a nat's hair is 'Hello my name is'. I think it's the combination of kraft colours together with burgundy and black. Again, the versatility of this collection shines through as it's suitable for all occasions and projects! 

Unless I have already claimed them as mine, in stock are 6 x 6 paper packs, 12 x 12 chipboard elements   (2 sheets of 6 x 12), decorative and word stickers, chipboard buttons and brads, stamps, decorative enamel dots and shapes, ephemera pack, gems, and file folders.

I hope you're as stunned with the collections as I am, I can't wait to use them to see what they can do! I'll be sharing my results on here of course!