Saturday, 7 March 2009

Stampin'Chic Techique Challenge

Just a quick visit this morning to tell you a little about the new challenge that started yesterday. This weeks challenge is technique challenge and that's all I'm saying. You will have to visit the Stampin' Chic blog to find out more. But first, here's a little sneak of the card that I have done for it - you can see more on the other blog!

A funny little story to share too - At the lunch table today Joseph told me when he's older he would like a pet - and he 'whispered' (you know what four year olds are like for whispering) in my ear, two rabbits and a dog. I said "I don't think Daddy will let us have a dog", and Joe 'whispered' - "It's okay Mummy we'll hide it behind my play room door and Daddy will never know". Now if that weren't funny enough, I said to him " Don't you think that Daddy will know there's a puppy behind your play room door?" He thought for a minute, then said " We'll he will now you've just told him!!" Love him to death!

Sees ya later sweet peeps!

Love, Clare x


Unknown said...

I just love 4 year old stories! He sounds like he'd be a good match for my DD.

amanda stokes said...

Hi clare.such a sweet boys are 5 and 7 and they come out with the funniest things.
Although a story that springs to mind about my neice when she was 4 is her mum asked her "how do you spell your name?" and her reply was "with a pen"lol.we were in fits.hugs amanda xx

Emma said...

Hi Clare
Hope you are well. Your card looks gorgeous and Lol at Joe... bless him!
We are discussing getting a dog, my Oh says now...maybe I could hide one too behind my craft room door!!
Emma x

Tab said...

oooh Clare just love your card, the colours are gorge. I like how you have sat her on a pressie, and the flowers are too delish for words!
Hugs Tab xxx

Anonymous said...

Pmsl at little Joe.. believe it or not my cousin (whose 5) asked me why I crafted.. I say because it's great fun and she asked me why I didn't make a mud pie instead. The joys lol great card, can't wait to see the whole piccy xx Love Rachel