Tuesday, 29 September 2009

What Do You Think?

To celebrate my return to blog land, I have given my little home here a refurb, courtesy of the Cutest Blog on the Block. That site is just great - they have backgrounds and matching headers, perfect for the girl on the go. I could spend hours redesigning my own, and believe me it would take hours - I'm no photoshop expert, but you can't be a master at everything :)

Back later with something I was working on over the weekend.

Love, Clare x


Milliesmarvels said...

Looks lovely, very chic!

pinky said...

Very swanky!!

Merry said...

Your blog looks great. It fun isn't it redoing your blog, I have just redone mine. The hardest thing is choosing a new theme.

SallyB said...

The blog looks great. Love the black and white...very fashionable!
Back to Doc.M....I'm glad you were paying attention...I will have to watch a re-run.
It's great to have it back!

Vee said...

Wow!!!Very classy Clare, I love it.
xx Vee

Sarpreet said...

Welcome to blog land, i love that site, thank you for sharing, I want to give my blog a make over!