Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hello from the Aurora!

Well hello there!

As you can see from the title of this post, I'm on my holidays, and having a great time! We are on the P & O ship Aurora, and although not as big as the Ventura we sailed on three years ago, this brings its own advantages! The ship is easier to find your way around for a start, and we keep bumping into the same people {not literally} and pass a few moments having a chat.

We set sail on Friday. after Embarkation {I love that word} at 3pm. Joseph was beyond excited, and to be quite honest, so was I, so from getting up to getting on the ship it seemed like an eternity! Once we boarded the ship we were taken straight to our cabin {or state room, as they call them} which is really lovely. I got a bit of a surprise too...I thought we had booked an inside cabin, but it had a window! Bonus!

Then we were called to our Muster Stations for a safety drill, where we had to don our lifejackets, just so we'd know what to do if the worst happened, which it never has, thank goodness.

Now for the sail away. The bit I had been looking forward to most over the past few days. Everyone gathers out on deck and waves to non existant people {well there were a few on the dock waving} whilst listening to a 5 peice jazz band as the ship sails away. Champagne is plentiful and spirits are high. Then for an explore of the ship. There's so much to discover! A theatre, cinema, gym {haven't explored that much though :)} lots of bars, four pools, internet room {and I hope you appreciate this, cos it's costing me a fortune!} spa, kids club, library, shops {yeah!}, restaurants galore and even a COSTA coffee - result!
And here I am after our dinner one night. We are sat for dinner with the most lovely family - Annabelle and Brett with their 5 year old girl. We are so on the same wavelength and are having such a laugh. This picture was taken at the karaoke night, after we had done a duet of 'Vogue' by Madonna. I also did 'Poker Face' by Lady GaGa, on Joseph's suggestion. Such a mistake - have you seen the lyrics for that song - SO embarrassing!
I've also partaken in a few of the classes etc on board. We had a go at beginner's bridge {no idea what was going on!}, daily talks on space exploration, and I'm doing a watercolour class with Jeremy Ford {he writes book on watercolouring you know!}.  I've also made a rose corsage which was great fun. Unfortunately there is no papercrafts so I'm getting my fill with the watercolouring! and I've had a one to one photography lesson, which was vewry informative. The photographer said I could follow him around Venice to take photos if I wanted! He doesn't know what he's let himself in for!
Anyhoo, that's all for now, better go out there and enjoy the sun. Joseph is having tea with Noddy tonight so better get ready!


Georgina said...

Have a great holiday!

Whisper said...

Glad to hear you are having a great time.

We did Ventura on 29th April for 2 weeks and my 4 year old loved it, Luv Sam x

Lee said...

Hi Clare.Sounds like you are all enjoying yer hols.More pics pleeeese lol.xx

Rainbow Lady said...

Sounds super Clare... glad you are enjoying it. Life on board does not give you time to get bored does it??? I know Jeremy Ford too... he is at NEC every November in Art Materials Live.
Enjoy the rest of your trip xx

Jenz Bitz 'n' Bobs said...

Sounds like your having a great time Clare. Hope you all enjoy the rest of it. Jenny xx

Jenny Marples said...

Sooo jealous Clare - it sounds fab and I bet you will just have the best time. Mind you, it sounds like that photographer may have picked up a bit of a stalker!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful break and I look forward to your watercolouring tutorials on C&C in the future?!
Hugs, Buttons x

SallyB said...

Hi Clare...
It all sounds wonderful!
A cruise is deffo on my wish list. The kids saw that Disney do one!
Have a fabulous time and I shall look forward to seeing all the photos of your adventurs on the high seas!xxx

Sarpreet said...

Thank you for the holiday photos, its great hearing from you on a ship! Oh dear - internet must be really expensive! The ship looks stunning. A great way to unwind yourself. Catch up with you when you are back on dry land. Enjoy the rest of the holidays

hyper_ni said...

Lovely to hear from you, hope you are having a great holiday. Photography course sounds good, you will have loads to scrapbook when you come back! :)

Jennifer said...

Have loads of fun! xx Jenny xx

Lisa Cornwall said...

Have a great holiday Clare. Looking forward to seeing what creations your trip will inspire.

Have joined your blog followers.

Lisa x

Jo said...

Hi Claire, hope you having a great time, look forward to seeing you back on our screens.
Jo x