Thursday, 22 September 2011

More shows on Create and Craft!

Hi there everyone,

Just a really quick post to let you know I've just had some shows confirmed by the bods at Create and Craft, I'm flying by my pant tails at the moment, so please forgive me! The shows are:

Tuesday 27th September at 2-4pm and 7pm;
Monday 3rd October at 9am, 2pm, and 6pm

There are some really gorgeous goodies on both shows so I hope you can join me!


Anonymous said...

Will look forward to those Clare! x

Lee said...

Hi Clare,i must admit i always forget these programmes are on lol.Will try not to though and have a peek at you in the evening.Don't work toooo hard now.x

Cliona Larkin said...

Its a date, I shall be there with a cup of coffee ready to settle down for the shows. Great to see you back where you belong. :)

Sarpreet said...

look forward to seeing you on the tv and seeing your samples. 2-4 on tuesday is usually dawn bibbys. So i gather you are presenting the show with her. Hope you have fun