Monday, 26 May 2008

The Title Seems to be the Hardest Words!

I always struggle with the Title. I know what I'm going to write, well more or less, in the main; but then when it comes to writing the title I always sit for a good few minutes just looking at a blank screen. So from now on I'm not going to stress too much about it, after all, how much notice do we give to the title?

Anyway, on with what I've got for you today. Firstly I've decided that I will post about the DO roadshows as a whole when I get back from Edinburgh on Thursday. This is so that I can make sure that I miss none of the loveliness out whilst fermenting all the excitment for just a little while longer. I just wanted to share this with you though. I found this had been pushed under my door on Saturday morning, the day after the DO roadshow in Surrey...
It was a lovely note from Kirsty. It made me laugh, which was welcome as I still wasn't feeling well and was dreading the six hour journey home. I think this note says alot about Kirsty - she always wants to make other people happy is the happiest soul I've ever met, and makes everyone she meets feel special. She is such a wonderful person!

Today (bank holiday) we've been out as a family swimming, although I decided not to put anyone through the eye-bleeding agony of me in a swimming costume - or greenpeace being called out on a mercy mission to 'save the whale'! Joseph and David had a great time, and Joseph is definately getting more confident in the water. I couldn't take any photo's because of rules, rules, rules!Then we went to Maccy D's, a real treat for Joseph (we go about once a month) and he found a mask. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be though!

After shopping, we noticed that tesco's cafe had turned into a Costa Coffee!! Yippee - so we stopped for a quick cuppa, and I took a couple of snaps with my new camera...

I'm just loving it! Thanks for helping me to buy it Katy and Kirsty! I know I'm not a professional by any means, but I'm really enjoying myself and that's all that matters I suppose! I can see a new addiction rising.

Thought I'd leave you with another of my cards from the current Do Crafts creativity magazine. Hope you like it!

Materials: Papers: Papermania double sided foiled paper, Embellishments: Papermania pink seed beads, chipboard flower, fabric flowers, wire, adhesive pearls, metal tags, ribbon. Stamps: Anita's Happy Birthday Text.


Jo Austin said...

Hi Clare.. me again!

Just looking at your photos.. you've got the same camera as one of mine, 400D...

little tip for you, try putting the camera onto aperture priority, AV and turn the dial down to around f4 or f5.6 and you'll get a lovely portrait with the background more blurred so it brings out the subject more.

Tarra chuck.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

1. that card is effing acevilles.
2. I really do miss you
3. Rhymes with wee and always makes me laugh.
4. Did I tell you I miss you?

Anonymous said...

Hiya it's Nicki again, hope you are feelin better I read that a few ladies on the Do Forum felt same as you over the weekend.

Made me laugh with your swimming trip, that is very me my hubby pretends we are not together! I just wish the lights would dim on entry and when in brighten up again when in the water tee hee.

Any how fab cards on both posts always perfect great ideas too.

An extremely cute little boy and hubby that looks a bit like mine only mine is on Grecian 2000 after I gave him a No 2 all over and ended at his knees - yep it was theraputic for me but a big surprise for him and the close trim highlighted his new highlights shall we say!

You are getting to move in "circles" now clare hope you will still speak to us all. Give Sheila a nudge to update her blog will you, to be fair her puddy cat has been poorly tho.

Anyhow had better go perhaps you can tell me how many pxels your new camera is as I think mine could be better.

Enjoy Edinburgh and take care.

Nicki (frm Sheila's class)

Anna said...

Hi Clare. Yippee! I found your blog. I don't know if you can remember me but I met you at Olympia when I dropped off a gift for Kirsty's daughter and also I had a chat with you and Sheila at Alexandra Palace. I love reading about your escapades on the road with Kirsty and the girls. Just wanted to say that I love your blog and will be visiting regularly. You have made some wonderful cards.

Anna xx