Thursday, 18 June 2009

Hi Honey, I'm Home!

Arrived back from Oz a few days ago, and so far I haven't had a minute to draw breath, never mind upload my photos onto my computer to share with you. I'm soooo sorry and I'm dying to share my pics on here (and I will) but I'm a little pre-occupied with prep and planning for QVC.

I'm on there on Tuesday morning (23rd June) at Midnight, and then at numerous times throughout the day, so you don't have to be Derek Acorah to work out what that means do you? also I've taken this piccy from the Do Crafts website which will give you a clue to what we'll be demoing, need I say more?

I'm so excited, I'm practically buzzing, but there is so much still to be done. I went to London Tarn yesterday for a rehearsal and some promo filming, which is all very exciting, but tiring, especially spending 7 hours of a day too-ing and fro-ing on a train. I also had to book a hotel for two nights too, no mean feat when I realised that Wimbledon starts on Monday too and everywhere is booked up. Ah well, Lizzy Windsor has a few spare rooms in her house and she says I can have one of those, as long as I don't mind sharing with the corgis and trotting them for a walk when changing of the guards finished.

Well, better get on!

Love, Clare x


Anonymous said...

welcome back Clare, hope you had fun in Oz, looking forward to seeing the pictures and am also really, really looking forward to the the forever friends range...Narelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,

Sounds like you have been really busy! Looking forward to hearing about how Australia was and seeing your pictures :-)

Rose XXX

Dawn said...

Welcome home - can't wait to hear all about it - good luck for Monday nights launch xx

Kim Costello said...

Welcome home hun hope you had a fantastic time, will keep a watch out for you on QVC, HuGs Kim x

Wiccababe said...

welcome back Clare - no rest for the wicked eh?

Ana Baird said...

Welcome back Clare! I'll be watching you on QVC! Can't wait to see the pictutes.

Anonymous said...

Aw welcome back Clare, and cannot wait 'til the TSV! Will definatly be buying, but will have to record as I'm at school :( oh well, can't wait to see piccies! xxxx Luv rachel

Lynnda said...

who has been a busy girl then? have a great day on Tuesday, probably pop and see you at the Range next month


Sarah said...

Hope you had a fantastic time in Oz! Can't wait to see what you've got in store for QVC as I love the FF Range!!
xx 0)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Clare, I hope you had a fab time 'dan unda'! Looking forward to seeing your photo's. Enjoy Tuesday, Love Tina (Rainbird) x

Sharon Noble said...

Thank you and thank you docraft and hallmark i love these bears and bought the tsv and christmas one can't wait to play.

Glad your home and i could see your show went wonderful well done id be scared on tv heehee xoxoxox

ButterflyBeadwear said...

Hi Claire-can't wait to see your pictures of Aussie either. I tuned into QVC via the internet-we don't have QVC in Turkey!! You did a lovely job, and it was nice to see, although not quite in the flesh maybe one day!! I use to work in a hospital too on the Gynae ward-hard work isn't it!!!
Take Care thanks for the message on my blog regarding stampin chic prizes.
Take Care

rosie said...

fantastic blog Clare. Sorry I missed you on QVC - but they are doing me a copy of your demos so I can see what I missed out while at work!! LOL

hope to see more of your cards on here soon.
Rosie x