Sunday, 6 March 2011

Even More Letterpress Love!

Well, I think it's obvious that I ♥ the letterpress!

I'm going to share two cards with you tonight, or I'm going to showing you Letterpress cards all month at this rate!

This card was really simple to make. I used the Everyday Printing Plate Set 2 with Pink Letterpress Ink, and I placed a piece of copy paper approximately 4cm in width over the Printing plate where I wanted the uncoloured section to be. Then I passed the Letterpress through the Epic 6. Then I took the border plate and inked with black ink and placed carefully just on the edges of the white panel. Finally I used the letters from the Everyday Printing Plates Set 4 to spell Hi. Then it was simply a case of adding flowers to the left.

I demonstrated this card on Create and Craft and I think it shows the versitility and practicality of the Letterpress. This was a plate from the Wedding Plate - Twigs and Sprigs inked with navy ink, and the thank you sentiment also from the same set inked with gold ink. I used the sponge spacers to make sure I replaced the card in exactly the same place each time, allowing me to make the same design over and over again. Don't forget to re-ink each time though, to make sure the image is as clear as the first. I than added some ribbon from the Persimmon collection to finish the card. How quick would these be for Wedding or Christmas Thanks you's?!

Even though Sundays are normally a day of rest, not for me today as I've been busy finishing the last three projects for May's Creativity Magazine, and writing the 8 scripts {well I say scripts, more of a guide really} for Creativity TV which we are filming next week. The sketch for Challenge of the Week is also ready to post on Tuesday, but I've still to pack my clothes and check {and double check } I have everything for each of the demos! Sheila has kept me sane and on the straight and narrow though, chatting on Skype as we do.

Anyhoo, must be toddling off - Drama Group calls Darling! x


Fab said...

Beautiful Clare, I'm going to feature this post (it's queuing as I post this) on my new website please let me know if that's ok ! Hugz X Fab

Ali Watson said...

Oh they are delish Clare! It was SECC this weekend so managed to get the new Westie die and stamps. Can't wait to play! Have a fab reheasal I@m stage managing this year....*gulp!

Ali x

Sarpreet said...

good luck with the demos. Gorgeous cards. Love seeing any of your work

Fab said...

Just in case my post didn't take. I was asking you if it were ok to feature your blog entry on my website ! It will show your card and just a small byline so people will need to click on it to see more. If you're not happy about this, no prob I'll take the featurette down straight away....and those two cards are phenom. I just love them ! :)

Karen Cooke said...

Hi Clare,

What paper do you use with your letterpress? Only the specifically designed stuff or other kinds?



Lee said...

Stunning cards.xx

Unknown said...

this card is so elegant!