Monday, 18 January 2016

I told you I liked Butterflies - Home decor.

Something different to a card today!

One day I wanted to make some thing different to a card, and so using papercrafts on nylon lampshades came into my life.

Most of these flowers started their life on my Silhouette Cameo machine. I cut the flowers in different sizes from patterned paper which instantly gave them life, them inked the edges and added shape and pearls to really make them 'breathe'. I also cut leaves and stems from Co'ordinations cardstock, and of course had to use butterflies in different sizes. My Love for Butterflies continued.

The lampshades I used are nylon, they are more expensive than paper ones (but not not considerably more) and being nylon I knew they would be more robust and hardwearing. They would withstand the use of hot glue to fix the flowers onto the shade and also last a lot longer.

These items weren't a quick make, the flowers took quite a while, but I would cut a lot of flowers stems and butterflies in different sizes and then ink, shape and build at the same time, I then had a bank of flowers to use whenever I needed some. Nad if course if ever I needed flowers for a 3D card they were there for that too.

I really hope you like these lampshades. Perfect for a little girl's room I hope you'll agree.

Join me again for another make soon.

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