Thursday, 14 January 2016

Must see New York!

Howdy Folks!

Not something they would say in New York I'm sure!

I love New York. Well I do now. I visited back in 2002 and when we first arrived there I hated it. Nearly got run over by a yellow taxi near Grand Central Station on our first night and something like that sticks in your mind as not one of the best holiday memories. Anyway, over the week I warmed to the cosmopolitan lull of the city and also the nonchalance and sometimes rudeness of most of it's residents (who let's all be honest are just trying to get to work and probably are fed up with someone oohing and ahhing at the big buildings getting in their way).

By the end of the holiday I didn't want to leave and was lucky enough to go back on 2013 when visiting a friend from the UK that was living in the US of A due to her husband's job. We had three nights in New York and again it didn't disappoint.

One of the souvenirs I brought back was a calendar, and when it had served it's purpose I couldn't bear to just discard it. I bought it because I loved the images that reminded me of those old posters that can now be purchased so one of the images became repurposed and rejuvenated into a reason to make a card!

I used papers from the My Mind's Eye 'Lost and Found 3 Ruby' Collection, along with some real stamps and other embellishments. The punch that makes the note book torn edge is from Stampin' Up. Boy, I love that punch, but can I find it for the life of me since my house move? Can I? No I can't.

A simple card 'just because...I hope you like it.

Another card on Saturday!

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