Sunday, 12 April 2009

I Did It...I Actually Worked it Out!

It's taken me about 6 hours, with a lot of head scratching and brow furrowing, but I've actually done it!

I wasn't going to mention anything for a while, but then went to see whether Becks Fagg had updated her blog (which she has) and found that she'd spilled the beans! When I was down in Dorset, I was given a brand spanking new Quickutz Silhouette SD which had literally just arrived in the warehouse and was still surrering from Travel sickness - the poor thing. Do Crafts are now the proud exclusive distributors of Quickutz products on the UK (how exciting!!!). I'm hopfully going to be doing a piece for the July issue of the Do Crafts Creativity! Magazine, and to be honest with you I think this baby could do with a magazine all to itself looking at the amount that can be done with it!

Anyhoo, what I hear you think did I manage to do? The Silhouette works in conjunction with a computer ( but is also portable too, so you can use it without it being connected all the time, that's what the SD bit is all about), so I had to download the driver software for it. Here lay the problem, my CD/DVD drive on my laptop isn't working at the moment. So I went to the Quickutz website to see whether I could download the software there, which I could. However, due to me being a dunce when it comes to computers I saved instead of ran the program and so my problems began. Eventually I worked out the problem and uninstalled that version, downloading the right one. Then, again I failed to read the on-screen instructions properly, and so again I was stumped. Eventually I worked it out and voila! I now have the gorgeous Silhouette SD loaded onto my computer. Of course, none of these problems would have happened if my CD drive had been working, I simply would have inserted the CD and I'd have been well away!

I've had a quick look at the 50 shapes that come with the Silhouette and they look fantastic! The shapes can be resized from 1/4" to 8", you can also make a shadow with the machine for shapes, and the most exciting thing about the machine is that you can cut out any font on your computer, and even weld the letters together to make words!! Also, you can import black and white images into the program and cut them out too! The possibilities are endless! In addition to cutting out paper and card stock, you can also cut vellum, transfer paper (for making transfers for t-shirts) magnetic paper, adhesive vinyl and adhesive papers!!! you can even create a stencil and with the machine you get a bottle of glass etching liquid to make glass etchings! WoW.

As you can tell, I'm a little excited about this momma!!!

I really have to finalise everything for QVC on Friday, so I'm going to have to resist the tempation to play until then. Boo Hoo! Better go and cook dinner now. Hope you're all having a relaxing and lovely Easter Sunday.

Love, Clare x


The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi Clare, enjoy playing with your new toy! What a super early Easter pressie! Will be watching on Friday, enjoy yourself! Hugs Heidi xx

Sam said...

Omg. The one and only Clare Curd has visited my blog.You've just made my day,thank you,thank you,thank you and thank you for your lovely comment,wow....sorry I'm gobsmacked...don't know what to say.
Sam x
PS looks like a great toy,another gadget to be added to my wish list.
Take care - Sam x

Sandra said...

OOoo Clare you lucky thing! Must be a nightmare trying to resist playing with it.
Will defo watch the show on Friday. Hope all goes well for you.
Happy Easter!
Sandra xx

Kim Costello said...

OMG OMG I'm so pleased that do crafts is distributing quickutz, wow, wow, wow, very exciting and I can only imagine all those wonderful shapes you can use! Hope you get lots of fun playing with your new craft tool, happy easter, HuGs Kim x

Claire said...

Wow, what a great looking toy - and I've just asked my parents to buy me a big shot for my birthday, doh!! Have fun playing with it! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Claire xx

Martine said...

oh wow lucky you, i look forward to seeing your creations with it :) :) :)


Crafting Diva said...

Morning Clare wow wow you lucky girl this is my my wish list of products I would love to own can't wait to see what you crete have fun playing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh good gracious me lmao! It looks fab and 50 shapes - wow! Hope you have fun with it, and PS... I blame you for the majority of tasty items that I buy lol xx luv Rachel

Kim Dellow said...

OMG SO Jealous! Have fun with your new toy. Enjoy friday :)