Friday, 3 April 2009

What are your Plans Today?

Just thought I'd check in and see if you were okay. I've not really seen much of the outside world this week, trying to finish up everything for another trip down to DO HO land next week. Really, I might as well live there - but it is like a second home, lots of lovely friends to catch up with and lots of laughing to do too!

What do you have planned for today then? After a few hours work this morning, I will be taking Joseph to see his most Favourite Best Friend Ever - Adam. He's sooo excited! He used to go to nursery with him and has known him since they were about 4 months old, and ho loves him to death. They haven't seen each other for about 4 months, as Adam no longer goes to nursey and their paths never really cross in day to day life. Adams mum had just had a new baby too, and with me busy at work there has never been a right moment. So I get to cuddle a newborn-ish baby and Joe gets to play with his best bud - Result!

Then this evening, we're going to the local Easter Bingo Night! They hold different family events at the village hall about once a month, and tonights the night for bingo. It also means that Joe gets to stay up past his bedtime every now and again, what a treat!

I've been wracking my brains to think of a card I could share with you today, but I really can't show the ones I've been working on for the video yet, and I don't have any more. It's silly really isn't it, it's not like it's something really top secret and important!

Better get back to it! Thanks for visiting today. Toodle-loo!

Love, Clare x


Kim Dellow said...

Sounds like you are a busy lady - Have fun. Kim

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare, hope you have a good time at the bingo night. Lucky you, getting to play with a wee newborn babby - so cute! Hope you and Jo have a fabbity time xxx Love Rachel

SallyB said...

Hi Clare..I have been at two Craft Sales today doin a bit of selling!!
Weather has been rubbish..putting pics up tomorrow of one of the sales! Have a nice evening..I'm whacked so early night for me!

Ana Baird said...

Hope you enjoy your evening Clare. I just finished making the projects for the bead spinner. Have great weekend!

Kim Costello said...

Hi Hun, Well I've had a busy week getting things done for my baby girl turning one, but relaxing today thought I would catch up with my blogging buddies!
Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday ♥ HuGs Kim x

Dawn Wheeler said...

Wow babe i dont know how you do it all xxx
hope you all have a fab time to night
hugs Dawnxxx
missing your cards xxx

Emma said...

Hi Clare
Wow sounds like its all going on..busy, busy!!
Sorry not visit you for a while...seems my life has turned hectic at the mo.
Hope all is well.
Emma x