Monday, 13 April 2009

It's sooo Addictive!

Just joined Twitter, and boy it's addictive. I'm doing stuff around the house thinking "Ooo, I could put this on Twitter". Sad and mad but true.

I read on some newspaper somewhere that Phillip Schofield Tweets (or whatever it's called), and I think he's great (even had a bit of a thing for him when I was a teenager, saw him at a nightclub in Barnsley where he was doing an appearance circa 1988, and got his autograph...aaah, those were the days), AND he has a thing for Stationery - wonder whether he'd be interested in rubber stamps of the crafting kind?

Just in case he reads this... Phillip, when I said I had a thing for you when I was a teenager, doesn't mean you haven't matured like a good wine with age. You've still got it!

Have a great day, whatever you're doing. Love, Clare x


Ana Baird said...

Hi Clare! I joined Twitter a while ago but haven't checked it latety. I'm off to see what's new. Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Lol, I'v enever actually tried twitter but I'm in the middle of making a freecycle account - have a great Easter monday xx Love rachel

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi Clare, I haven't played on Twitter yet, still trying to master the art of blogging, lol! Know what you mean about Mr Schofield, he certainly has got better with age! Hugs Heidi xx

Craftyrose said...

I'm with you on Philip! When I was at school we wrote to him and got a signed photo and put him up in our sixth form common room to be admired and worshipped lol!! xx