Thursday, 6 November 2008

Installment one of my holiday exploits- The Ship.

I hope you don't mind but i've been asked whether I'd share some photographs of my recent holiday with you, and I'll try and keep it was interesting as possible. I know how boring looking at someone else's holiday snaps can be ( and here's the thritieth picture of Jack stroking an eel - that kind of thing)!
Firstly I thought I would show you the cruise ship we were on. Or should I say Superliner, that's what our itinery told us anyway - the New Superliner designed for Britain, or something like that. Apparently Ventura is the largest superliner ever built for the British market. It will take 3600 passengers and 1200 crew members and weighs 115,000 tonnes. Now I don't know what you think, but to me that's a lot of nuts and bolts.

The next picture shows David and Joe stood by the Hul of the ship. This was taken on our last port of call, but the first that we could get so close to get a snap. Don't they look small next to the ship! He he!

The next couple of pictures show one of the venues on the ship - the Tamarind Club. This was designed to be reminicient of the indian sub-continent with it's rich furnishings and exotic warm colour scheme. In the day, you could relax with a book and a coffee, and in the evening the venue transformed into a comedy club. I just loved it in here, it always felt so welcoming.

I'll be back soon with more about the ship and the holiday. Theres a whole lota ship to tell you about, so it should keep you going for a while!

Love, Clare x

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