Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Spring Cleaning in winter?!

It seemed as though I had lost my background template on my blog, so I have uploaded another one, and also added a poll to my blog which can be found on the right hand side. Please do go have a look and place your vote. I'm really interested to discover your views.

A while ago I also set up some music for my blog. I'm sorry if it scares you a little when it starts - It has surprised me on other blogs that I have been to too! If you would prefer not to listen, then the player is located at the bottom of my blog, and there is a pause button, so you can stop it at any time. You can also scroll through the tracks to pick one you like. Neat, huh?

love, Clare x

1 comment:

sharon said...

I can get down with a bit of music..and keep putting on mine..so my first song on here..whoo hoo..Dolly Parton..I can craft to that..then the next one,,, I'm from Durham!!..lol..
Didn't get this far to listen too..but I love Luka.xx