Tuesday, 25 November 2008

My Weekend

I have got a week off work this week, so I can spend a bit of time telling you about my weekend. Of course, this doesn't mean that no cards will be made, after all it's still my hobby too, but I can have a bit of a free hand in what I want to do, rather than things being made to order.

Today has gone a little better than yesterday so far. The washing is on the airer and the dishy wishy is doing a pretty good impression of cinderella downstairs, whilst I, the wicked stepmother (no, not the ugly sister!) beavers away upstairs, cackling from time to time.

As I mentioned on Friday night, we were going to my second cousins 18th birthday party, but as that wasn't 'till 4pm, we took the liberty of visiting Cadbury World, seeing as it was only 30 minutes away. However, Warwick Castle is only about 10 minutes from their house, but I gave the decision to Joseph by asking him "Would you like to go to Warwick Castle, or somewhere where they make Chocolate?", and funnily enough he chose the latter - can't imagine why.
David and I have been before, about a million years ago, so as you can imagine it had changed somewhat. But for Joseph it was a whole new experience, and by the look of him he was becoming hyeractive just from the yummy chocolate smells that were wafting from the factory. Disappointingly, there is no tour around the actual making part of the factory (probably due to spies trying to steal the highly secret Cadbury recipie, like in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), but they do have lots of films about how they make creme eggs, and the famous Cadbury Dairy Milk, and you can peruse around the packing area, although no packing was going on on the day we chose to go.

Undoubtly, the best part of the visit was getting to make your own personalised chocolate concoction. I chose rice krispies and Joe chose jelly babies, which they pour deliciously warm melted chocolate over, and then give you a spoon to eat it with. Sheer heaven, people were walking around like they'd been hypnotised and were in a trance or something!

Then it was off to my cousin's house for the party. I haven't been to visit my Janet since they moved to Warwickshire, and boy, they have a gorgeous house, with fantastic views of the countryside. I can imagine many visitors to the party remarking to their loved ones "we need to decorate" whilst travelling home, as I did!

It was so lovely to see the birthday girl, Charlotte again, as I haven't seen her since our wedding in 2000. She has grown up into a beautiful young woman, with an amazing talent for singing, and is to go to drama school. She wants to work in the West End, and I have every confidence that she will easily acheive her dream. Go, Charlotte, you rock!

Well, on that note I will have to leave you now, and hopefully be back later with some cards.

Love, Clare x

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sharon said...

Didn't you just love Chalie and the Chocolate Factory...(infact..sshhhh, between me and you..still do ;))..looks like a fun day.x