Tuesday, 29 September 2009

What Do You Think?

To celebrate my return to blog land, I have given my little home here a refurb, courtesy of the Cutest Blog on the Block. That site is just great - they have backgrounds and matching headers, perfect for the girl on the go. I could spend hours redesigning my own, and believe me it would take hours - I'm no photoshop expert, but you can't be a master at everything :)

Back later with something I was working on over the weekend.

Love, Clare x

Monday, 28 September 2009

Happy Birthday From All of Us!

Well, haven't I been a naughty blogger? What with one thing and another I've not been posting as often as I should. As usual, life has just got in the way! I'm going to make a concerted effort to be a good blogger from now on, so please forgive me.

I thought I would start my return to blogging with a little explanation of how I made this card which features in Clare's Corner of the September issue of Docrafts Creativity! Magazine. As you can see I took pictures at the time of making this to show you how I created it, so I suppose the thought was there!

First of all, I created the main centre panel of the card using my fantastic Quickutz (TM) Silhouette SD Machine. I used a number of images, available through the Quickutz Silhouette Website. I just LOVE my Silhouette machine, there are loads of new die cut images available every week on every conceivable subject, and I just love looking through them all as they are so inspiring!

Now for the purple panel on the left hand side of the card. As you can see it's a negative of the pink patterned part of the card. Firstly, I created an extra row of the pattern on the silhouette SD and placed it onto a panel of purple core'dinations (TM) cardstock that I previously distressed using a sanding block. Then I used the waste portions from the pattern and stuck them down using repositional adhesive and moved the row of pattern down until the whole panel was filled with the waste 'diamonds'

I then applied clear pigment ink using a Clearsnap (TM) Watermark ink pad, and then clear embossing powder.

It was then time to remove the waste 'diamonds'. You can remove the diamonds before you apply the powder, but sometimes there is a little residue adhesive left, and the powder can easily stick to it. I find that once the powder is heat set, the adhesive is easily removed. Whatever works for you! (the brown sheet is just a Teflon baking sheet which I use to protect my cutting mat from the heat from my Heat Tool.)

The powder was then heated until the powder melted. I make sure that as soon as the powder starts to melt, I move to the next area to avoid burning the powder.

This final picture is just to show you the finished look that is achieved. I love the way that even though the card has been sanded, a glossy, and almost darker look is achieved where the embossing powder is applied.

And there you have it....that wasn't as painful as I thought - my return to blogging that is. I hope you found that helpful and check in again soon to see what I've been up to. I'm going to try for at least every day from now on!

Thanks for coming by!

Love, Clare x

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Clare's Craft Club Postponed

Hi there everyone,

This is just a quick message to let you know that the craft club information/enrolment night being held on the 9th September that I had spoken in person to some of you about has had to be postponed indefinitely. I will be away with work, and this couldn't be changed. I am very disappointed about this as I was so looking forward to it, but this is a postponement and I will be arranging a date in the near furure.

I'm sorry I couldn't contact each of you personally, but I have lost the book that all your details were written in and despite my best efforts I cannot locate it anywhere. I truly do hope you get this message saving a wasted journey.

Love, Clare x