Thursday, 31 December 2009

Maybe the Last Before New Year...

This is very probably, almost certainly the last post before New Year. Don't you just love New Year? I'm not all that bothered about the partying on New Year's Eve (give me glue, stamps and patterned paper with a comfy desk chair and a coffee anyday!) but I mean the promise of a new start, of maybe turning over a new leaf and doing things differently than the year before. I just love it!

David, Joseph and I will be partaking in a New Year's Eve Party however, and I must say I am looking forward to it very much. We are going around to one of Joseph's parents houses, and there is sure to be lots of frivolity and joviality to say the least! When I am feeling up to it (the after effects of a couple of glasses of plonk can have repercussions for days, now I'm old!) I will post the what promises to be the most hilarious photographs!

I thought I'd better share with you my final (I think) offering of Christmas card Cheer for this year. It seems wrong to show them next year, for tomorrow, all the Christmas decorations will be removed in my quest for the turning of a new leaf.

This is Sheila's (my bestest friend ever)Christmas card for this year. I made this card with the gorgeous BasicGrey Eskimo Kisses paper pack, and then of course that forever handy core'dinations cardstock, available in every colour you can imagine! The stamp (bought last year from Little Claire's, and only used for the fist time here - why do we do it!) is coloured with Promarkers. I also added shimmer dots to the tree and irridescent glitter glue to the snow covered ground.
Now, I'd better explain the greeting "Why would an Elephant Hold a Star? (printed on my computer). I chose the image on purpose, having an animal doing something it might not normally do, as Sheila has this thing about that. Whenever we go to a Crafy show, I usually look at the Penny Black stamps, and Sheila always says - "Now, whenever would you see a mouse having a bath in a cat bowl" or " whenever would you see a hedgehog dressed as a ballerina" She just doesn't get it. So inside the card, the greeting continues...When it's Christmas of course, DUH! ha ha ha!

This card was made for David's mum and Dad, using another stamp I picked up a couple of years ago and until now I had never used! Maybe that should be another of my New Year's Resolutions - no more spending until I have used everything at least once - yeah right!!!

I stamped the tag in Colourbox merlot ink (I think my favourite colour) and embellished it with a Papermania white gel pen and crystal Sakura pen. I covered the base card with Papermania Bare Basics kraft paper and stamped the snowflake background with Colourbox frost white ink. The patterned paper is BasicGrey (either Wassail or Figgy Pudding - can't remember which now). I created the greeting on my computer and printed onto white patterned paper from the same pack. Lovely Jubbly!

This card is for my Mum and Dad. I chose my favourite colours for this one, and surprise, surprise - another stamp I've had forever and not used - until now!

I stamped the main image (hero arts) a couple of times onto patterned paper (again BasicGrey, I must have been having a BG moment!) alternating between white and turquoise patterned paper, and white and black ink. Then, as you can see, I built up the image, and voila . I wish I'd used this stamp sooner! Again the greeting was created on my computer.
So, that's all for now. All there is left to say is I wish you all a very Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year. Have a great evening, whatever you decide to do. Off now to bake Chocolate berry waffle and caramelised onion puffs for tonight! YUM!
Love, Clare x

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!


Haven't you found that life has been so hectic over this festive season? I have needed about 6 pairs of hands over the past couple of weeks, trying to get everything done. Cards to make, gifts to wrap, plus there has been ta new batch of Creativity TV to film and the matter of a docrafts Christmas Party to attend to. what a hoot that was I can tell you. Unfortunately I didn't take any photographs of the night out (I didn't trust myself with my camera for fear of mislaying it, and let me tell you, it was a wise decision considering my state!) but I know people who did, and if they give their permission to share then share I shall!
Today I wanted to share with you some cards I made for friends and family. As th cards use the same layout, and all I had to change was the inage, they were relatively quick, although I always get carried away with colouring, and get lost in time! All the images have been coloured in with promarkers.

The Christmas tree is a stamp from Doodlebug , and the greeting is from Stampendous I think. I have had that stamp set for ages, and it's great as there is usually a greeting for all occasions. I love the hand written style too. I hav added some Anita's 3D glitter glue to the tree for a tinsel effect, and a couple of gems.

This is a stamp from Sugarloaf stamps. The greeting is computer generated, and I think the font is called FG Jeana.

I love this little house - I'd love to live there! This again is a doodlebug stamp and the greeting is computer generated.

Once I'd coloured the image, I added Anita's crystal 3D glitter glue to the roof and the snow covered ground, and added tiny gems to the tree.
Well, that's all for tonight, better get back to Wallace and Grommit - Curse of the WereRabbit, and playing transformers with Joseph - riviting...NOT! Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas time, spending time with the people you love.
Love, Clare

Saturday, 12 December 2009

I'm Not Sure if This is a Good Idea!

Did you guess correctly? No, I wasn't back last night, but I was meaning to. However, Friday night is our Family Slumber Party Night where we get chocolate and watch a movie of Joe's choice. I was going to post on my blog whilst we eatched the film., but I got quite into it. We watched Bee Movie - have you seen it? It's really good! Then we watched The Littlest light on the Chirstmas Tree, which was a £3.00 cheapie from Tesco, but Joe loved it. The animation wasn't exactly Pixar, but the story was lovely and Joseph loved the songs, he even clapped after one of them bless him!

Now the reason for the title, well, I've had a couple of glasses of squiffy juice, and I don't trust myself with these keys, although I do have the back up of spell check. May I apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes or unnecessary waffle which may come from my fingers! But I soooo love you all (as you always do when you're feeling a little 'happy'), that I really wanted to write to you all tonight, so it's a larroped me or nothing at all.

I'm also sat here with a eye lid looking like I've been street fighting with Lilly Savage, when actually it started swelling last night, and now it looks all puffy and hurts when I blink. I think it's what they call a pike or a stye or something ( I used to get a few when I was a child). we're filming more Creativity! TV next week, so I'm gonna look the tops! Also it's the docrafts Christmas Party on Friday, and I'm soooo looking forward to blinking at the sun as I step out into the open air, putting on my glad rags and dancing the night away. I may even treat everyone to a song rendition or two, judging by the way I feel after couple of small glasses of vino. I bet they can't wait.

Well, tonight I wanted to shpw you some of the other items that I made for the Christmas Fair that I did to raise money for St. Andrews Children's Hospice, in Grimsby. These are the note boards that went down really well, I had sold two before we had even opened the doors! I think I'll just show the photos for these ones, as I think they speak from themselves, and not the vino is having that sedative effect....

I apologise for my laziness of not taking the boards from their cellophane blankets, but I took these just before the fair, and I was in a bit of a rush, not having eaten all day and with only one cup of coffee all day, with still loads to do.
Hope you're having a great night. Off to bed now. zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Love, Clare x

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Post it Note Holder Tutorial

Can you believe it...I know....don't keel over on me. Two posts in 24 hours. That must be some kind of record for me!

Well, tonight I thought I would show you how those little post it note holders from yesterdays post came into being. Of course, if you know how, please turn away now. I'll shout you when were finished!

Firstly, before the lowly post it note was turned into a princess by the fairy godmother (ie me!) it was but a piece of cardstock measuring approximately 17 x 8.5cm. As you can see on the photo, I have also made a score line, about the thickness of the post it note pad. Now, of course you will need to adjust the measurements of your base card to reflect the size of the post it note pad, but I think they are all pretty standard, just check afore ye cut. The cardstock I have used here is white core'dinations cardstock, but on other post it note holders I have made, I have changed the colour to complement the papers and even the post it notes!

Now I have turned over onto the textured side of the card and cut two squares of patterned paper (this paper is We R Memory Keepers Tiffany Collection). Isn't this paper just gorgeous? Well I call it paper, but really it's double sided paper - almost cardstock, complete with glittered areas! I have cut these squares leaving a small border of white card around the edge.

Then I have turned the card over again (are you dizzy yet!) and attached ribbon to the centre of the edge of the card on each side. I used about 18 cm of ribbon each side, making sure there was about 14cm hanging over the edge. I use the markings on my craft mat to make sure the ribbons match up on each side. As you can see I have nicked David's electrical tape to fix the ribbon as it's strong and won't be seen by the time I've finished! I've had this tape for about 6 months and David still hasn't noticed - what does that tell you about David and his D.I.Y habits!

Now I made two squares of white core'dinations cardstock to fit the two panels exactly, and stuck them over the inside of the folder. Simples!

Finally, I stuck the post it note pad to the left hand side of the card, which not becomes the bottom. For heavy things, or when I want to be sure that something will stay stuck, I use a hot glue gun. Then I went ahead and decorated the outside of the holder!

I did all the holders as a batch, that is I cut all the card together, cut all the panels together, and stuck all the ribbon together. You can still use different patterned papers and colours, I usually spend sometime choosing my papers before hand and getting everything together before I start. You can guarantee though I'll change my mind!

Well that's it....You can look back now!!

Will I be back tomorrow? What might I have...who knows! Come back and visit again x

Love, Clare x

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Not for the Want of Trying!

I've been meaning to get around to doing this for ages, writing in my blog that is...honestly, I have - but what with one thing and another time just passes me by! Take last night for example, after putting Joe to bed, I settled down with a burning laptop on my knee, (I swear it's got hotter since I got a new power cable for it!) planning to edit a couple of photographs I had taken over the weekend, when for some reason I couldn't get my photoshop to open, I even uninstalled it and re installed it and the same message came up " Invalid address' or something. So, to cut a long story short ('too late' I hear you shout) I downloaded a free editing suite called 'PhotoScape' and I really like it! It seems quite easy to navigate around, and I can pretty much still do what I did on Photoshop (I only used a teensy weensy bit of it!). However, if anyone knows why my Photoshop isn't playing ball, please let me know (although I suspect the dreaded Windows Vista might have something to do with it!)

So, what have I been up to...well, let me see. I think I'll start from last Thursday as it really isn't viable to start from last year! It was my Birthday on Thursday and it started off as a pretty dismal day, but ended up more positively. David (my hubby) was away in Russia with work, and as it was also my Wedding Anniversary, it was quite sad to be spending it without him. However, for my birthday/ Anniversary present he bought me a beautiful platinum diamond ring, to replace my engagement ring I lost two years ago (well I didn't lose the ring, rather the stone lost me - at a craft show of course! I can just imagine a crafter finding it on the floor, and taking it home to stick onto a card - goodness - how expensive would that card be!). Sheila was meant to be coming over to spend a couple of days with Joseph and I, but unfortunately she had hurt her back badly, and how did she do it I hear you ask - crafting!!! She was cutting card all day, not turning properly (tut, tut, Mrs Halliwell!) and the next day and for the following week, she seized up like a rusty old pair of pliers! So, anyway she couldn't come and I was mightily disappointed - I love Sheila so much (as a best friend you understand...nothing more) and I knew had she come it would have been one of the best Birthdays ever (apart from the one that I actually got married on, I suppose), but it wasn't to be. So, I sat around and moped for a while, the postman came and gave me a big cuddle - at the door - that will get some tongues a-wagging around here I can tell you, and then I went out in order to cheer myself up with some retail therapy. Consequently I bought myself a zoooooom lens (or telephoto lens to you photographic types out there) assistance provided by the lovely Katy Godbeeer (ie. I asked her which one to buy and she told me, they don't call her the all knowing one at Docraft towers for nothing you know!). It's not the best, but the best for what my money could buy. Needless to say I haven't used it yet as the opportunity hasn't arisen, but it willl, and soon I'm sure. Then I went around to a friends for Fish and Chips and rose wine - a fine combination!

Then, Friday was the local Christmas Fair - and I was to have a stall to raise money for such a wonderful charity - St. Andrew's Children's Hospice. I had been feverishly busy in the evenings everyday for about a month (and weekends too) trying to get enough cards and gifts together to make a pretty penny for them. I thought I would show you some of what I made (more to come in later posts).

These are some post it note holders I made, and they are so easy to do, that I made 8 altogether I think! I changed the design of each one, but still they were quick, as I did everything in batches. I choose all my colour schemes at the same time, and did all the trimming together etc. I think all together they took me about 4 hours, which I don't think is bad. Just a quick tip: If you're planning on cutting everything at the same time, make sure all your post it notes are the same thickness, it makes it easier as you can just use the same measurements each time then!

Here they are, all bagged up and ready to fly off my table! I simply used a DL sized card bag and once I had tied ribbon around a rubber band which was fixed to the top, I trimmed the top off the ribbon. They make them look much more appealing, yet cost pennies and are so quick to do.

And here is a close up of a little tag I made. These were pre-cut tags, although of course you could die cut or punch your own. I stamped a large flower design with colorbox cat's eye dune pigment ink, and also inked around the edge with the same colour, then stamped the 'to' and 'from' wording with merlot ink (probably my most favourite colour!). They were so quick yet so sophisticated, I had to hold myself back from making loads!

This post it note features my free downloadable papers available here from the docrafts website! I printed them onto white core'dinations cardstock to give them a gorgeous texture. There is also a little bit of doodlebug glitter card on there (this project is great for using up your leftovers!) and a die cut butterfly. I think I have some photos somewhere of how I made these, so I will post them another night!
Finally, I wanted to share with you this absolutely scrummy photograph of Joseph with his bestest 'gurl'friend! Don't they just look so gorgeous together? It was taken on Sunday at a local garden centre where we went to see Father Christmas.
I wonder whether one day in the future she will be my daughter in law? After all, Joseph says he wants to marry her - although to Joe 'marry' probably just means sharing your chocolate buttons. Oh well, stranger things have happened - you only have to watch Jeremy Kyle to know that!
Oh yeah, and just in case your interested, episode 4 of Creativity! TV is available to watch now for one week! Look here!
I'd better skid addle,
Love, Clare x

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Thank You for My Award!

Well I received a lovely surprise in my inbox over the weekend - and award from Sarpreet! I haven't been on Sarpreet's blog for a while (or any other blogs to be honest, and I can't wait to catch up, hopefully over the Christmas period to see what everyone's been up to!), but there are some gorgeous things on there. I'm following now so i have no excuse to check it out when I have a minute. Thank you Sarpreet for my award, I am honoured!

To accept the award, I am to answer each question with a one word answer, so this should be fun!

Where is you mobile phone?

craft studio




Favourite food?

Dream last night?

Favourite drink?

Dream Goal?

What room are you in?
Craft Studio

Your hobby?
Crafting/photography (sorry)

Your fear?

Where do you want to be in 6 years?

Where were you last night?
craft studio! (I live in here, honestly!)

Something you aren't?
Unkind (I hope!)


Wishlist Item?
Zoom lens

Where did you grow up?

Last thing you did?

What are you wearing?
Tracky bottoms

Your TV?

Your pets?
bonsai tree

Your Friends?
the best!

Your life?

Your mood?

Missing someone?
MJ (forever)

Toyote Aygo

Something you are not wearing?
nail varnish

Your favourite store?
I have to be impartial, sorry

Your favourite colour?
all except yellow

Last time you laughed?
last night

Your best friend?
Sheila Halliwell

Last time you cried?
Yesterday (miss you forever MJ)

One place you go over and over?

Person who e-mails you regularly?

Favourite place to eat?
Frankie and Benny's

Phew, I think that's it!
Now I have to pass on to 5 blogs I think are tops! Please do go and have a look at their offerings - I love them!

Renee - Stamping for Sanity (love the name of her blog!)

Beckie Dreyer - Life is short - Live it!

Kim Costello - Paperbabe

Jan - Lillypuss Cards

Amanda - Amanda's Paper Palace

Chris - Sketching Stamper

Whoops, that's six! Got carried away, oh well, they're certainly deserved!

Well, that's all for now - thanks for visiting!

Love, Clare x