Monday, 25 March 2013

I've treated myself!

Hey there everyone!

As you may know my divorce has now come through and with it the money from my half of the house.  As the amount is not enough to get a house, and I'm not in a position to obtain a mortgage as I'm self employed and therefore at this early stage cannot prove my income {which believe me is very frustrating}  - and to be honest with you I wouldn't want to take on a mortgage as I'm not really taking a wage yet, I am having to stay in my rented accommodation. I have taken a little of my money and treated myself to a new macbook pro, complete with retina display! It's lovely but I think I'm going to have a few hours of playing with it as some of the buttons are in completely different places to a pc! If I press the = instead of the delete button one more time...!

Anyway, that's all for now...I just wanted to practice typing really! x