Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I have made a blog banner (you know, one of those little button things that tells people of your blog)thanks so the advice from Sharon (Fairy Dust Bag) and I have put it on the right hand side of this blog. If you would like to take it and display it on your blog with a link and some information of when the fun will well and truly start here (9th February),I would be very grateful and show my appreciation by entering you into a blog draw where 5 lovely people will win some goodies! Just leave me a comment to let me know.

I would also like to say a big THANK YOU for all the interest in this new blog so far, and all your lovely comments. Your kindness will be rewarded - I promise!

Love, Clare x

Introducing Stampin' Chic - an Exciting New Blog!

There's not much on there at the moment, but I've just designed a new blog called Stampin' Chic. It's to introduce the new range of products being launched under the 'Clare Curd Signature Range' - that's me - how off the wall is that!

I've been keeping things under my hat for a good four or five months now, and it's been really hard. Anyone who knows me will appreciate that I have trouble holding my own water, so this has been torture, but I can do it when it's important and I have to do it for the greater good.

The range will be out in March, so I can't really give you any sneek previews yet, but there are a few on the header I had fun designing last night - can't believe I actually made my own header! It uses some of the designs from the range.

I'm looking for 5 design team members to join me in launching this fantastic new range under the Papermania brand, just think, free products in exchange for beautiful projects. The closing date for consideration is 9th February 2009, so if you are interested, please leave a comment or drop me an e-mail with a link to your blog so I can see your work.

Why not go and have a look at the new blog now, and become a follower so that you can keep up with the launch. There will also be lots of exciting things going on there over the next few months, so you'll be glad you did!

Love, Clare x

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Oh, it's great to be here again! I've missed typing my daily comings and goings, so I'm sorry but you're in for a long one here!

Sheila and I travelled down to London on Monday for QVC, and I don't really know why but it took us about 7 hours to get to the hotel! The traffic was bad going into London, and I think we came across an accident as well, but the most infuriating thing was that David's Dad's SatNav couldn't find Westminster Abbey! I mean, it's not like it's just been built is it? We started off trying the address of the hotel, then the postcode, then the shortened postcode, then places of interest around the hotel such at The Tate Gallery (on the same street) and the Houses of Parliament. No Luck.

Then once we'd arrived at the hotel, checked in and had a cup of tea, we set off to the QVC studios only to find that it didn't know where that was either. The same set of circumstances happened again! In the end we had to go into a petrol station and ask. How mad is that!

We had loads of time though, and were getting all set up from about 6pm. Again, I loved doing the show, although I was shattered seeing as I had been up since 6 am, and we didn't crawl into bed until 2am. To top it all off, the bar was closed when we got back - so we couldn't even have a night cap!

It was lovely to see Dawn, JJ, and the lovely, lovely Leonie again (waving vigourously!), and it sounded as though they had had a good but busy day. I think the next time I will be down will be in February, so it will be great to see them again soon.

Then the next day, Shaila and I hit Oxford Street for a spot of retail therapy, rushing around trying to catch up on Christmas shopping before going the see Wicked! Sheila had bought me the tickets for my birthday, and I have the soundtrack and absolutely love this musical, so I was near to hysteria by the time the orchestra started. When we first walked in, we were taken aback by the stage set.
The show was amazing the acting and singing was spectacular and brought a few tears to my eyes. Even Sheila said that she was thinking of buying the CD as we left. I told you she'd be connverted! I treated myself to a t-shirt, a keyring, a mug, a programme and the most fantastic umbrella you've ever seen. I'll post a piccy of it as soon as I can!

Then Christmas Eve was here before I could blink. Joseph scattered magic reindeer food outside on Nannan and Grandad's garden and left milk and a carrot for Rudolf and whisky and battenburg cake for Santa (Joseph thought he might fancy something different to a mince pie!), then he went to bed and slept until 8 am! His favourite presents were his Dalek head (he hadn't stopped asking about this since October, even though he's never seen Doctor Who), a Go Kart, which was a complete surprise from Nannan and Grandad, and his big city garage from his Nannie and Grandad. I was also very happy with my Wii fit, so by the next time you see me, a near miracle will have occured and I will be a size 6. Ha ha.

I just want to tell you a really funny thing that happened on Christmas Day night. as my mum and dad were leaving after having tea at David's mum and Dad's everyone was trying to give a kiss and a hug to Joe, and he still had his Dalek head on. As he wouldn't take it off, he just said to everyone "Kiss my Knob", meaning the eye stalk on the Darlek. laugh? I nearly wet myself!

I have quite alot of Commissions for magazine work over the next few days but I will try my best to make some cards to post here - Oh, just thought I could post the cards that I did for QVC. Great!

Love, Clare x

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Ding Dong Merrily on High!

Well, Look at me! I can't even not come on here on Christmas Day! Presents have been opened and Christmas dinner has been eaten. Red wine has been spilled on my trousers at the dinner table so all is right with the world!

See you soon, love Clare x

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Greetings to you!

Send this eCard !

Just a quick post to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hopefully i will be here again before 2009, but if not, see you then!

Lots of love, Clare x

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Not Long Now!

I'm more or less sorted now for Q-Day tomorrow, and now everything is sorted I'm really looking forward to it. I suppose because I've done it once before I kinda know what to expect, but it's going to be a long day tomorrow because we're setting off at 9am so arrive with lots of time for something to go wrong (so of course it won't, but now I've said that it probably will!) Sheila is coming with me to help and to provide support and a friendly face. Not that people aren't friendly at QVC, they are all incredibly welcoming and helpful, but you know what I mean. Oh dear, I'm waffling now. Must be my brain going at 1000 miles an hour.

It really would be lovely if any of you would like to call in and speak to me or send in a text (so I know someone is watching at such an hour!). I hopefully will get a print out of any texts sent in even they don't get showed, and they will be greatly appreciated, let me tell you.

Before I go and collapse in front of more crafting work, I just wanted to share this little gift that I made for my friend Dawn, ready to give her tomorrow. I got the inspiration to decorate a candle from Beckie Dreyer's blog, and thought I would put one together too. I've used BasicGrey Offbeat papers and Core'dination cardstock, which I put though my paper crimper. If you are doing this remember to cut your card a little longer than you need it, as it will shrink a tad when its crimped. How do you think I know that? Yup, cut the card strip too short first off! The wide organza ribbon is from my stash. I used my favourite paper piercing around the edge of the offbeat paper too for some decoration.

The box/bag is made from a 9 x 9 inch square of core'dinations. I divided it up into nine 3 inch squares and scored the corner squares on the diagonal. I then folded on the diagonal and straight score lines to form the box. The sides are secured with a large eyelet. The brown ribbon is from the packaging of clothes I think. The scallop punch and stamp is Stampin'up. Hopefully you can understand the way I made the box, as I'm no good at drawing illustrations on the computer, and I don't have a scanner. The box could have done to be a little bit bigger, as the candle is making it bulge a little, but it fits the purpose.

Hope you like it! Well, better get back to it! Hopefully, I'll kinda 'see' you tomorrow!

Love, Clare x

Friday, 19 December 2008

Heartfelt Sympathy

Yesterday I had my nails done to perfection ready for QVC, and very lovely they look too. I then had a dream, so should I say nightmare where all my nails started to break and were all jaggered! I suppose it's just a worry thing about everything going alright, but when I woke up this morning I actually thought it had happened, itn't it horrible when that happens! The space between reality and dreams is narrowed to non-existsnce and you just don't know whats real anymore. Luckily it only last for a minute or so, and your back to normal. But it's horrible just the same. Today's card was made as my contribution to the Pink Poison DT, and it's entitled Heartfelt Sympathy, but luckily I have no-one to send it to at this festive time. And lets hope it stays that way. However, I thought I would still share it here, as the Fancy Fleurs stamp set is gorgeous, and the images can be used for anyone who likes flowers.

I stamped the flowers with colorbox pigment ink and embossed with clear powder. I always do it this way (a coloured ink and a clear embossing powder) as I find that the image is finer, with more detail, and there are no specks of powder that escape from the outline and make the image look dirty. I think I stamped this twice and decoupaged some of the leaves and the flower heads. I coloured the flower heads with Twinkling H2O's and added some white to achieve the shading. The leaves were coloured with Whispers Pens using the watercolouring technique.

The DP's I've used are from Doodlebug, including the embossed cardstock which is called eyelets impressions cardstock. I used grey core'dinations to create the card blank, and the ribbon is Beetle Black Boutique Trims from Doodlebug. I really hope you like it. I'm sorry (again), but at the mo I don't have time to list all the supplies, but I promise, I will start doing it againg as soon as my workload lightens a little (when will that be I ask myself?!)

love to all,

Clare x

Thursday, 18 December 2008

'Twas the Night before Christmas...

Just realised that I hadn't shared a couple of cards with you! How thoughtless and forgetful of me. What I thought I'd do is show one now, and one tomorrow.

I made this with the 'Pink Poison Cup of Stuff' stamp set and made the most of the Little mouse sitcking his head up from the cup! I stamped and cut it out, then cloured with my whispers Watercolour pens and attached him to the card above the lettering.

I printed the verse onto green core'dinations cardstock, and distressed the edges. The Chipboard letters are from BasicGrey. They were originally white, and I coloured then with magenta Colorbox pigment inks. The background papers are We R Memory Keepers Christmas collection. Aren't they just gorgeous!

I really hope you like it! So sorry I don't have time today to give you the full deets of the supplies used, still on with making cards for the QVC hour. Just a few more part-mde demo samples to do, then I have to check I have everything. Can you imagine the embarrasment if I'm live on air and I've forgotten something? I'm just crawling under my desk thinking about it!

Love, Clare x

A Lovely Award!

Thanks so much Katy for this lovely award that you have bestowed upon me. I feel that it should be me giving you an award for all the help you have given me with the cards for QVC!
The rules for accepting such an award are to give it to five others, who shall give it to five others.. You shall link the one you got it from, and also the ones you give it to:) And let them know. And there is more... You have to write down five things you are addicted to

Well the people that truly deserve this award are:

Sheila: my bezzy mate and partner in crime for QVC prep.

Sharon: Fabbo forum leader at craftbubble and friend

Renee van Stralen : for such an amazing name and blog

Danielle Lounds: The owner of another amazing blog

Kerry Steptoe: Amazing cardmaker extrodinaire

Now my Five addictions are (and some of these will not be a surprise)

1. Card Making (particularly stamping)

2. Blogging and generally surfing the web. What did I do before it was invented?

3. Vanilla Slices (the ones with custard, not cream. Just making sure you know which one I mean, as some areas of the UK call cream slices, vanilla slices. strange, but true.

4. Most Haunted, and anything paranormal.

5. Anything Disney: Just love that blummin' place. Would live there if I could. Cinderella's castle would suit me just fine, although I'd shack up at Mickey Mouse's place in Toon Town if I had to.

Well there you go, didn't take as long as I thought it would!
Lot's of love, Clare x

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Stressed? Me? Never!

It all started last night when I woke up at 3 am with terrible abdominal pain (women's problems I think. Let's not say anymore) I was up for an hour and so when I woke up this morning I was zombie-fied! Then Joe's new bed panel and headboard was delivered ( his first had broken, and was only 9 months old). Then I began cracking on with work. The came the straw that broke the camels back. Changes to the content of the Papermania Hour on QVC at 10 pm. Now it is all sorted, and Sheila and I are furiously making extra cards for the new kits. But, as they say, all will get done, and no one will have got hurt. I must say though, my wobbly santa that sits on my desk nearly bought it at one point. it was the nearest thing to hand.

So, this is a plea (I'm not ashamed to beg) - if you can find it in your heart, I would love for you to join me at 10 pm on Monday 22nd December for the Papermania hour on QVC. You can watch live online at http://www.qvcuk.com/ if you need to.

Because of all the prep for QVC I don't know when I'll get to blog again, but please don't desert me, I'll be back before you know it!

Love, Clare x

Monday, 15 December 2008

Once upon a Christmas Advent

It was my turn to have a card on the Christmas Forever Friends Advent Calendar yesterday, so I thought I would also post it here. If you would like a list of supplies and a step by step ofhow I made the card, you can get it here. If you go to the home page of the Do Crafts website, there's a banner on the right hand side about the calendar, click on it and you will be taken straight there. Alternatively, click here. That's easier isn't it! Then you have to find the date hidden withing the picture and click on it, this will take you to an exclusive project not available anywhere else on the Do Crafts site at the moment. You can't access future dates, but if you've missed any days you can click and have a look at those. There are some lovely projects on there at the moment, including this one by Beckie Drayer (this is today's).

Why not go over there and check it out now!

Love, Clare x

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Funny, Catchy and for a Good Cause!

Just been watching the "Britain's got the Pop Factor and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice" rerun, and what a great couple of hours of entertainment! I just absolutely love Peter Kay - I own everything he has ever done, and my favourite (although it is hard to choose) is 'Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere'. There is now one more thing to add to my collection, and that is the new charity single for the NSPCC by 'Geraldine'. It's a very catchy song, funny and for a good cause. So what are you waiting for? watch this!

love, Clare x

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Behind the Scenes at Do Crafts!

I should be excited really. David picked the new car up yesterday (a Toyota Aygo), but for some reason I’m unnaturally subdued and generally nonchalant about it. I think the lack of sleep and interaction with life has done me in big style. Normally I don’t get to see that many people in one week when I’m at home, but it was great to see my friends in the office again. Normally, there is so much to squeeze in when I go down to the office, but at least this time things were a little more relaxed as I did have twice as long as I normally do.

Now I’m doing the video of the week amongst everything else, I’ll be going down more often, and that can only be a good thing. We filmed three videos whist I’ve been down, and they are a lot more involved than they seem, although I’ve really enjoyed doing them. Dan (the videographer) and I had such a laugh, making up scenarios of different scenes we could film. I think most of those will just play in our head though!

Then on Wednesday night I was invited for dinner to Lou’s house (you know the one, along with Dan had me walking till my ankles were dropping off.) We had a gorgeous beef casserole, along with mashed potatoes and homemade chocolate mousse, and we talked till our jaws were nearly hanging off too!

Tuesday I got to see the exciting new products for January and March release in the flesh. Until a few weeks before, products are usually mock ups, whilst waiting for delivery of the real thing. Most products for January have been delivered now, and are waiting to fulfil their destiny of being used by you crafting junkies. I managed to get some sneaky snaps whilst backs were turned, ‘cos I knew you would like to see them too. I will post them seperately another day.

I also took some pictures of the people that make Do Crafts head office such a great place to visit, along with some of the key areas around the place. I’ll explain each one as we go along. If you want to see any of the photos in greater detail, just click on them.
This is some of the Customer service Girls. No - Not really, but they are the mascots that cheer them on. Aren't they the cutest things, especially Dawn's wide eyed monkey!

This is Erica Martin. She is one of the product designers for Papermania, amongst other things. She is also the designer and creator of the new Daisy and Dandelion Collection, due to hit craft shops in March 2009. I have been very lucky to get my hands on some of the stamps in this range, and I can’t wait to get using them just as soon as I have a spare minute. She has also worked alongside me on my own range of products….Oh, have I said too much…I think I’ll leave it there for the time being! She’s a lovely girl who’s always so calm and cheerful even when the going gets tough.

This is Sue, probably one of the nicest people at Do Crafts, and more affectionately known as Chop Suey to her friends. Now it’s not that staff at Do Crafts have signed the official secrets act, and like the MI5 are unable to reveal their true identity, it’s just that they are incredibly shy. Ha! Suey, you’ve still been on my blog – even if behind a piece of paper! Sue’s job is to keep everything ticking along smoothly for the likes of the sales managers and me, and like a machine, everything would grind to a halt if Sue wasn’t oiling the joints.

Shyness is not the way to describe our Dan (or Danny Boy) as I like to call him. Here we can see the many faces of Dan the Man, and now you can see why I have such a laugh with him. I’m surprised that these pictures are not more blurred, we were laughing so much! N.B the toilet roll is on his desk because he had a cold (not my choice of nasal wiping material, but there we are.)

I particularly love this picture of Dan and his Alien cat poster – with that cheesy grin - on Dan, not the cat.

Finally, we have Lou – Lovely Lou. I thought you might like to see how the cards on the website get there, and Lou takes all the photographs of cards, scrapbook pages, ATC’s and products, this is no mean feat. I gate crashed her taking some photos of one of my cards for the Advent Calendar (I think), and these things can take time. Sometimes, depending on the card, the background props needed etc, getting a photograph from set up to the end of editing can take three or four hours. I think it’s a shame that not enough credit goes to Lou and Dan for their hard work, as they really bring out the best features of a project and make it look amazing! Thanks Lou and Dan for all you do, and spare a thought for them when you next look at the photographs on the Do Crafts website! By the way, the bottle of wine isn’t for when things get tough, so Lou told me, it’s for a prop and that’s the story Lou is sticking to. It’s still untouched and it’s been there for two years!

Then we have some of the areas of the offices. This is the photo room, it always makes me smile as this is where Lou takes her photographs and they still have the sign on the door from when they based down here all the time. Not really sure why David Hasselhoff has such a major role in the sign.

Then there’s the craft room which is amazingly tidy, thanks to Jenny Pearce. It is unrecognisable from last time I came down! It’s such a great size with plenty of desk room to really spread out.

Finally we have the Concept store, which is like a mock up of a craft shop, laid out with current and new products for staff and store owners to come and view. If you look closely at the products on the boards, you might get some sneak peeks of what’s planned and why I’m sooo excited!

Well, I think that’s about all for now!
Love, Clare x

Friday, 12 December 2008

As Cute as Cute can Be!

So sorry I've neglected my blog and therefore your visits. I'm back now from Dorset, and promise to do my best never to nelect you again. I'm going to be very busy over the next few days (who isn't at this time of year?) but I will try and make time to visit daily.

Now if your fighting that Christmassy feeling, take a look at this!

Have you seen the new banner on the home page of the Do Crafts website? It's titled the Magic Christmas Star. Click on it, and you'll be taken to a Christmas wonderland featuring the Forever Friends bear masquerading as Father Christmas! It's the most lovely thing that I've seen so far this Chrstmas,and it's definately got me feeling festive. There's also screen savers and wall paper for your computer, and you can even send animated e-cards!

I wholeheartedly recommend you go and have a look, and climb into your own Winter Wonderland! Click here to find out more!

Love Clare x

Monday, 8 December 2008

A Walk in the Woods (?)

My feet are killing me after a hard day at the office - the Do Crafts office that is. Well, you think I would have been sat with my feet up happily crafting away, but no such luck for today anyway. When I go down to the office I always use it as an excuse to put on my smart clothes and high heeled shoes - after all,there's not much call for dressing up when I'm at home alone. I usually just get to wear my old but incredibly comfy jogger bottoms, and I wouldn't be seen dead in those by anyone other than very close family.

So anyway, at lunch time, Lou (Photographer Extraordinaire) and Dan (Astounding Videographer) always go out for a walk, and I asked whether I could join them. Little did I know that when they said 'walk', they actually meant 'A near sprint basically around the New Forest covering a matter of miles within half an hour'. well,that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm sticking to it. To say that my feet were near hanging off from the ankle bone is putting it mildly, whilst Lou and Dan kept saying "That wasn't fast - we were walking slow for you" and all that kind of nonsense.

Plus, most people in the office were commenting on how cold it was, and I was ready for breaking out the bikini (although I wouldn't do that - I wouldn't want to be the cause of all the office being sick from work with bleeding eyes). You see, I will agree there is a difference between North and South, and that's ambient temperature.

What, might you ask, have I been doing with my time today if not making cards? Well, an addition to my already fantasmic role at Do Crafts is doing the Video of the Week. Once Katy Godbeer's Domain, she has now put both her feet into the product side of the business and the baton has now passed to me. So today I have written three scripts for the January videos and let me tell you, even though they are only a couple of minutes long, it is very hard to put all you want to say within that time frame. I can talk for England - well, you all know that all ready, just look at the above!

We are filming two of the videos tomorrow, and you'll be pleased to know that the only way you will know it is me is by my voice and my hands. No face shots, again to save your bleeding eyes.

I'll try and take some highly top secret (not really) pictures of products out in January for your delectation, but I will have to post them when I get home next week, cos I've forgot to bring my card reader.

Anyhoo, it's nearly time for yummy scrummy dinner, and I could eat the hind leg of a scabby donkey, so I'm off.

Love, Clare x

Sunday, 7 December 2008

This is Going to be Real Quick

Hi there,
I'm absolutely shattered - I'm down in Do Craft land (as I like to call it - Dorset to you) and I feel like I could sleep for a thousand years! Train at 10am this morning to Manchester, followed by a flight to Southampton at 4pm and then a taxi to my hotel and I'm about ready to flop.

I'm here for the week, and I love coming down to catch up with friends, drop off and collect work and above all, see what's new for the up coming months! I'll update you all on the goss tomorow, in the mean time zzzzzz!

sleep well all, love, Clare x

P.S. Ooh, forgot to say - bought a new (used but new to us) car on Friday and picking it up next Friday - post piccys soon. How exciting! Love, Clare x

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Simple Snowy Trees

Over on my Do Crafts blog - I run a Sketch Challenge every Wednesday, where crafting goodies are up for grabs every week. I don't always get a chance to make a card as per the sketch, but I have this week. You can see the sketch challenge for this week on the right panel on this blog.

I created the card using trees cut from the Christmas Cheer Cartridge for the Circut. I then shaded them with brown and white ink, andembellsihed them with a white pen. I mounted them on to blue circles which had also been shaded and embellished with ink and white pen. The three circles were then atached to a panel of white core'dinations. I pricked around the panel - I love doing this! I then used latte, burgundy and black core'dinations to mat and layer.
A quick greeting was stamped and embossed and I added ribbon to finish the card.

Here are the deets of the supplies
Embellishments: Christmas trees cut from the Christmas Cheer Cricut Cartridge, ribbon from stash
Cardstock: green, brown, white, latte, burgundy and black core'dinations
Stamps: Happy Christmas fromWoodware Clear stamps - Celebrating Christmas (FRCL076)
Accessories: Papermania Pink Pokey Tool; brown, black, white ink; clear embossing powder; white pen

I really hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by today, I hope the weather is not too bad where you are. Keep warm, and have a great evening!
Love, Clare x

An Award? For Me...Oh you shouldn't have...Oh go on then!

How lovely, I've been given this lovely award from Beckie Dreyer, one of my Partners in Crime for Do Crafts. Boy, she is one talented Scrapper, and her cards are gorgeous too! So and take a look at her blogaroonie, you'll be inspired to warm up the photo printer in no time!
This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships!These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind blogger's aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement.Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!
Deliver this award to eight blogger's who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award!
My chosen eight are...
I'll be back in a minute with a card for my sketch challenge.
Thanks again for the award Beckie,
Love, Clare x

Monday, 1 December 2008

Clearly a Friend

I have been dabbling again - I couldn't help myself with these gorgeous papers from BasicGrey. They are from the new Offbeat collection I just absolutley adore those colours, and together they are a knockout combination.

I started with the papers and the design came together from there. I used the Cup of Stuff stamp set again from Pink Poison - you can never get bored of this set, with such beautiful sentiments too, suitable for all sorts of occasions.

Again, I coloured the stamped image with Letraset Promarkers and then used Anita's 3D Clear Gloss to achieve the shiny raised effect. I decoupaged the flowers and the cup (but only because I'd coloured the cup and I didn't like the colour!) I added a faux stiched effect to the border of the DP by pricking holes and using a white gel pen. I tore the Montego Bay Core'dinations cardstock to reveal it's cheeky hidden core, and then stamped my sentiment with white ink and embossed with Heat it up! Seafoam White embossing powder. The little brown domed circles at teh end of the torn panel are Chocolate Drops from Craftwork Cards. They come in all sorts of different colours, and there must be hundreds in a pack for just £1.00!

The acetate I used to make the card is from Papermania - this acetate is amazing! It's so lovely and thick, it's great to use as a card base, but still folds easily with the help of a bone folder. To cover up the adhesive on the reverse of the card, another panel of card can be fixed that is the same size as the front, and a panel can be added to add any message.
Just in case you were wondering, here are the deets of the Supplies:
Stamps: Pink Poison Stamp Set: Cup of Stuff
Papers and Cardstock: BasicGrey Offbeat Collection (unexpected); Snowflake and Montego Bay Core'dinations
Colour: Colorbox black pigment ink, clear embossing powder, Colourbox Frost WhitePigment ink, Heat it up! Seafoam white embossing powder Letraset Promarkers
Accessories: Papermania plain acetate, brown twill/ribbon (think I got this from some packaging!)

Hope you like it! Thanks for visiting today.
love, Clare x

Well, What a Morning!

First day back at 'work', and what a day it has been so far! I've had to book tickets for the train, book a hotel, answer e-mails, amongst other things. Then I checked an e-mail and found out that Julie Allan (the originator of the Inspriational blog) was inviting me to join the inspirational team!!! Wow! What an honour. I accepted in about a milli second! Thank you so much Julie!

So, as part of my new found role, I will be scouring t'internet for blogs showing exceptional inspriation to others through their work. If you might like to be featured, and you think you have what it takes, why not leave me a comment, and I'll go a-looking at your blog. That's all there is to it...not painful at all, is it?

Then, as I was getting a little stress with things (as you do), my best friend, and I mean best friend Sheila sent me an e-mail as way of my birthday present early (it's on Wednesday). She's only gone and arranged the best thing ever - tickets for me and her to see WICKED!!!!!!!
I can tell you, I'm 'dancing through life,' la la la! This is just my best most favourite musical ever (well, for now anyway) and I've been aching for ages to see it! Sheila and I will have the best time in London, I can't wait.

So a little bit down, but alot up, and now I'm floating above the roof tops. See you in a little while with a card!

love, Clare x