Monday, 8 December 2008

A Walk in the Woods (?)

My feet are killing me after a hard day at the office - the Do Crafts office that is. Well, you think I would have been sat with my feet up happily crafting away, but no such luck for today anyway. When I go down to the office I always use it as an excuse to put on my smart clothes and high heeled shoes - after all,there's not much call for dressing up when I'm at home alone. I usually just get to wear my old but incredibly comfy jogger bottoms, and I wouldn't be seen dead in those by anyone other than very close family.

So anyway, at lunch time, Lou (Photographer Extraordinaire) and Dan (Astounding Videographer) always go out for a walk, and I asked whether I could join them. Little did I know that when they said 'walk', they actually meant 'A near sprint basically around the New Forest covering a matter of miles within half an hour'. well,that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm sticking to it. To say that my feet were near hanging off from the ankle bone is putting it mildly, whilst Lou and Dan kept saying "That wasn't fast - we were walking slow for you" and all that kind of nonsense.

Plus, most people in the office were commenting on how cold it was, and I was ready for breaking out the bikini (although I wouldn't do that - I wouldn't want to be the cause of all the office being sick from work with bleeding eyes). You see, I will agree there is a difference between North and South, and that's ambient temperature.

What, might you ask, have I been doing with my time today if not making cards? Well, an addition to my already fantasmic role at Do Crafts is doing the Video of the Week. Once Katy Godbeer's Domain, she has now put both her feet into the product side of the business and the baton has now passed to me. So today I have written three scripts for the January videos and let me tell you, even though they are only a couple of minutes long, it is very hard to put all you want to say within that time frame. I can talk for England - well, you all know that all ready, just look at the above!

We are filming two of the videos tomorrow, and you'll be pleased to know that the only way you will know it is me is by my voice and my hands. No face shots, again to save your bleeding eyes.

I'll try and take some highly top secret (not really) pictures of products out in January for your delectation, but I will have to post them when I get home next week, cos I've forgot to bring my card reader.

Anyhoo, it's nearly time for yummy scrummy dinner, and I could eat the hind leg of a scabby donkey, so I'm off.

Love, Clare x


Emma said...

Sounds like you have had a hard day...relax and put your feet up.
Have a lovely evening.
Emma x

sharon said...

Hope you're enjoying your week and playing with lots of nice goodies.x

Mina said...

phew...Im tired just reading that lol xxx