Monday, 1 December 2008

Well, What a Morning!

First day back at 'work', and what a day it has been so far! I've had to book tickets for the train, book a hotel, answer e-mails, amongst other things. Then I checked an e-mail and found out that Julie Allan (the originator of the Inspriational blog) was inviting me to join the inspirational team!!! Wow! What an honour. I accepted in about a milli second! Thank you so much Julie!

So, as part of my new found role, I will be scouring t'internet for blogs showing exceptional inspriation to others through their work. If you might like to be featured, and you think you have what it takes, why not leave me a comment, and I'll go a-looking at your blog. That's all there is to it...not painful at all, is it?

Then, as I was getting a little stress with things (as you do), my best friend, and I mean best friend Sheila sent me an e-mail as way of my birthday present early (it's on Wednesday). She's only gone and arranged the best thing ever - tickets for me and her to see WICKED!!!!!!!
I can tell you, I'm 'dancing through life,' la la la! This is just my best most favourite musical ever (well, for now anyway) and I've been aching for ages to see it! Sheila and I will have the best time in London, I can't wait.

So a little bit down, but alot up, and now I'm floating above the roof tops. See you in a little while with a card!

love, Clare x


Hazel (Didos) said...

Wow wounds like you have had a great start to December even though you are back to work. Wicked is meant to be fabby so you will love it. Hazel xo

katy said...

Congrats Clare !! A friend of mine went to see the show and she said it was the BEST !! Have a 'Wicked' time .....sorry i could'nt resist,lol xx

Helena said...

Hey I know you .... well sort of I have seen you in Paper Paradise.

Anyways, Julie asked me to be a member too, so I am just going around and saying HI!! to all the team!!!


Enjoy WICKED you lucky thing!

Becky Garrison said...

Hi Clare! I am another newbie to the Inspirational team, and just wanted to stop in and say HI! Blessings, Becky

Nancy Dooren ~ Nans said...

Hi Clare! I'am your fellow team member from the Inspirational blog! Hope we have much fun there sharing Inspiration! ;-)

Hugs, Nans