Sunday, 7 December 2008

This is Going to be Real Quick

Hi there,
I'm absolutely shattered - I'm down in Do Craft land (as I like to call it - Dorset to you) and I feel like I could sleep for a thousand years! Train at 10am this morning to Manchester, followed by a flight to Southampton at 4pm and then a taxi to my hotel and I'm about ready to flop.

I'm here for the week, and I love coming down to catch up with friends, drop off and collect work and above all, see what's new for the up coming months! I'll update you all on the goss tomorow, in the mean time zzzzzz!

sleep well all, love, Clare x

P.S. Ooh, forgot to say - bought a new (used but new to us) car on Friday and picking it up next Friday - post piccys soon. How exciting! Love, Clare x


Unknown said...

Sounds exciting Clare have fun and keep us posted :) xx

Beckie said...

Have a fun week! You down by the sea???

Chris said...

That was a journey and a half! Have a good sleep Clare and a good week. Chris x

sharon said...

sounds like fun Clare!!..and a new car..Santa has deffo come early new stash and a go girl.!!!!!!..don't forget..let us goodies.xxxxx