Thursday, 30 July 2015

Well I think it's time... give this blog a little resuscitation and revival! It's been far too long.

Far too long since I properly crafted, made anything, blogged, had a life...the lot!

So a quick whizz around my life to bring you up to date...

I got divorced in February 2013, more about that here. David and I are still good friends, we lend each other things {well actually, I borrow a lot and he lends!}, and talk about our current relationships, which I must admit is a bit weird but I can handle it :)

Joe is now 10 years old, and we are best friends I hope that doesn't change. I hope forever and a day that he feels able to tell me everything. Well, almost everything!

I am with Peter, it's been a bumpy old ride, I've been with his for about 3 years now. We did split in October 2014 but of course he realised he couldn't give me up {ha ha} and I moved in with him in May of this year. Now believe me, moving two houses into one has been no mean feat, and I think we will be topsy turvy for quite a while, but we'll get there.

I was working as the Assistant Manager of a Brewers Fayre in Cleethorpes, which kept me busy, very busy! So busy that I never got to do any crafting, socialist, see Joe very much or have a life! So Tuesday was my last shift where I hung up my Manager's apron {Hypothetically, I didn't actually wear an apron}, said a tearful goodbye to my colleagues to start a new job in a couple of weeks which is 9-5 Monday to Friday. Yes I'm doing a Dolly Parton!

Which brings me to present day. I'm having a craft room constructed at the end of the garden {and believe me it's a pretty long garden, about 100 meters}. We decided that there wasn't a room big enough to hold all my craft stuff, even though I had had a good clear out before I moved! My online craft shop is on holiday at the moment whilst everything is inaccessible at the back of our garage, and  I need room for that too. So a dream was born. To be able to build my own craft haven really is a dream come true for me.

And so it began. We visited Kirton Sectional Buildings and created a bespoke Craft Studio you might say, from two of their summer houses combined to make the most ideal space. We added a window and turned from from portrait to landscape giving 1 window to the front aspect and one at each end. We moved the double door to the left from the centre and added a veranda too. It's made from heavy duty timber with a Onduline roof that's virtually maintenance free, and has double glazed windows, door, and also gutters and downpipes. It really is gorgeous!

We had to have a concrete base laid for the foundations of the studio and we also decided to add a small path to the front of the studio too. Then about a week later they came to build the studio, which is included in the cost.

It has a lovely wooden floor too which will help to keep the studio warm and cosy in the winter months. This was the craft studio that evening with the building all finished but still lots to do.

Then we started painting and it had to be my favourite colour of all time - sea grass/turquoise in two different shades. I used the Valspar range for exterior wood available from B & Q as I had used this in Joe's new room and it was so lovely to use. I used the colours Zen on the main panels and blown glass on the balustrades and around the windows and doors. Here's Mr. P helping me paint...

and here he is posing with his electrics!

and this is it so far. I still have to paint one side and the ballustrades of the veranda but the weather has been very rainy. There is still yellow masking tape around the windows as I have to do another coat around them too.  

Today Peter is in the process of putting internet up there so I can use my computer etc. And then we wait for the plasterer who is coming to insulate, plasterboard, plaster and paint the interior before I can work my magic. I can't wait. I have so much planned that I would like to do. 

That's all for now. I'll never leave so long next time.