Saturday, 28 February 2009

Blog Candy on offer for another night!

Yes, you have till tomorrow morning to get your comment about the blog candy, and become a follower. I have had such a disaster of a day, and so am now running late with the party over on the stamping chic blog, that I will now draw the blog candy after 9.00am tomorrow.

Why don't you join us for the party of the century (well nearly), it starts here!

Love, Clare x


Kim Costello said...

Bless you sweetie, it's all good we're having fun time and your candy does look so wonderful... Have been a follower for ages...
Thanks HuGs Kim :D

Ruth Philps said...

Phew I just made it then!!

I had to laugh I am doing a 10,000 giveaway too and I was the 10,000th person to visit...have been shopping today for some yummies but am lusting after your BG giveaways instead!!

Still it's all such good fun xxx

Wiccababe said...

hope everything is ok Clare, and I'm sure everyone had as much fun over at the party as I did.