Thursday, 21 May 2009

Shop 'till you Drop!

How much can a girl need for a trip!

I mean, it's not like I never go anywhere, and just sit in my jogger bottoms and an old t-shirt in the house on a daily basis (okay, well it is like that, but still). I have shopped for England today, seriously, if it was an Olympic sport, the British Olympic Committe could do worse than to put me on their team.

Today I have managed to get my hands on: three pairs of trousers/cropped trousers, about three tops, a pair of smart flip floppy sandals, a small bag, a flight bag, a passport holder, a travel document holder, numerous toiletries, including pro plus (positively essential when travelling to the other side of the world), travel sized shampoo, conditioner, shower gel (for usage whilst mid travel) travel insurance, plug adaptor, a new lens cap and filter for my camera (my old one broke), ....and I just know there is more but I just can't think!

Whilst shopping, a very embarrassing thing happened too. I was stood, minding my own business choosing a shower gel from a shelf in Boots, when the whole (top) shelf collapsed and thus caused a cascade of shower gels to fall at my feel. I stood there, not quite knowing what to do, trying to hold the shelf up whilst still grasping for dear life onto the shower gel of choice. The racket that that the shower gels falling to the floor made brought a good few people to my aid, luckily one being an assistant who swooped into action, and a number of kind hearted people who just stopped what they were doing to come and help. It's kind gestures such as these that restore my faith in the Human Race. And a number of people gathered around also helps to disguise who was the guilty party.

Anyhoo, off to have a little relax after all that excitement before I go to bed. There is a new challenge tomorrow on the Stampin' Chic blog, so why not have a look and see if it takes your fancy?

Love, Clare x


SallyB said...

ohh poor you embarrassing!!
Good luck with all the prep for Australia...So exciting and a little scary!!!How do you do this with a family!? Are you all going?
I never seem to be able to go anywhere on my own without having my girls in tow. My hubbie is a train driver and works weekends.
Still watching Doc martin then...we have all the DVDs. Must do a trip back to Port Issac...we met the guy in the surf shop who was in quite a few episodes as Neville the lifeguard. Quite cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh you must be so excited! I did that once... except I dropped about 14 huge backpacks on a man's head lol! Have a lovely time, get well prepared this week! xxx
Love rachel