Saturday, 12 December 2009

I'm Not Sure if This is a Good Idea!

Did you guess correctly? No, I wasn't back last night, but I was meaning to. However, Friday night is our Family Slumber Party Night where we get chocolate and watch a movie of Joe's choice. I was going to post on my blog whilst we eatched the film., but I got quite into it. We watched Bee Movie - have you seen it? It's really good! Then we watched The Littlest light on the Chirstmas Tree, which was a £3.00 cheapie from Tesco, but Joe loved it. The animation wasn't exactly Pixar, but the story was lovely and Joseph loved the songs, he even clapped after one of them bless him!

Now the reason for the title, well, I've had a couple of glasses of squiffy juice, and I don't trust myself with these keys, although I do have the back up of spell check. May I apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes or unnecessary waffle which may come from my fingers! But I soooo love you all (as you always do when you're feeling a little 'happy'), that I really wanted to write to you all tonight, so it's a larroped me or nothing at all.

I'm also sat here with a eye lid looking like I've been street fighting with Lilly Savage, when actually it started swelling last night, and now it looks all puffy and hurts when I blink. I think it's what they call a pike or a stye or something ( I used to get a few when I was a child). we're filming more Creativity! TV next week, so I'm gonna look the tops! Also it's the docrafts Christmas Party on Friday, and I'm soooo looking forward to blinking at the sun as I step out into the open air, putting on my glad rags and dancing the night away. I may even treat everyone to a song rendition or two, judging by the way I feel after couple of small glasses of vino. I bet they can't wait.

Well, tonight I wanted to shpw you some of the other items that I made for the Christmas Fair that I did to raise money for St. Andrews Children's Hospice, in Grimsby. These are the note boards that went down really well, I had sold two before we had even opened the doors! I think I'll just show the photos for these ones, as I think they speak from themselves, and not the vino is having that sedative effect....

I apologise for my laziness of not taking the boards from their cellophane blankets, but I took these just before the fair, and I was in a bit of a rush, not having eaten all day and with only one cup of coffee all day, with still loads to do.
Hope you're having a great night. Off to bed now. zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Love, Clare x


katy said...

As a fellow waffler, lol, the odd spelling mistake is totally forgiven especially after a few glasses of something nice, we deserve it, really ;D.....lovely gifts, not surprised they sold well, have a lovely Christmas Clare and all the very best for 2010 Hugs Katy xx

amanda stokes said...

Lol I love drunk/tipsy people they say the funniest things...i should know lol.
These are goreous clare no wonder they sold so well.
We have the Bee Movie on's fab is'nt it.I love watching a good film with the boy's,we have duvet night's too lol
hugs amanda x

Tracy said...

Writing after a glass (or two) of wine is the best, it loosens the fingers!!!

I love these gift ideas Clare, may have a go at these for presents later, although still trying to finish Christmas cards!

Tracy x

Ali Watson said...

Fab creations as always Clare.

Sarpreet said...

They are absolutely gorgeous, need to catch up with my DVD set! If you dont mind me asking, how much did you sell them for? I am glad you raised lots of money,well done. This is really selfless thing to do.

Sarpreet said...

There is another award for you on my blog x

Christine said...

These are gorgeous Clare, I am not surprised they sold well, thanks for sharing
Christine xx

Katie Berberich Handmade said...

I just love the Bee Movie, it rocks!!!
Your Notes projects are great, the last one is my favourite :)
What a hilarious post, sounds like you had a fun evening xx

Annie said...

wow! your note boards are just fabulous and what great pressie ideas!
hugs, annie x