Thursday, 10 December 2009

Post it Note Holder Tutorial

Can you believe it...I know....don't keel over on me. Two posts in 24 hours. That must be some kind of record for me!

Well, tonight I thought I would show you how those little post it note holders from yesterdays post came into being. Of course, if you know how, please turn away now. I'll shout you when were finished!

Firstly, before the lowly post it note was turned into a princess by the fairy godmother (ie me!) it was but a piece of cardstock measuring approximately 17 x 8.5cm. As you can see on the photo, I have also made a score line, about the thickness of the post it note pad. Now, of course you will need to adjust the measurements of your base card to reflect the size of the post it note pad, but I think they are all pretty standard, just check afore ye cut. The cardstock I have used here is white core'dinations cardstock, but on other post it note holders I have made, I have changed the colour to complement the papers and even the post it notes!

Now I have turned over onto the textured side of the card and cut two squares of patterned paper (this paper is We R Memory Keepers Tiffany Collection). Isn't this paper just gorgeous? Well I call it paper, but really it's double sided paper - almost cardstock, complete with glittered areas! I have cut these squares leaving a small border of white card around the edge.

Then I have turned the card over again (are you dizzy yet!) and attached ribbon to the centre of the edge of the card on each side. I used about 18 cm of ribbon each side, making sure there was about 14cm hanging over the edge. I use the markings on my craft mat to make sure the ribbons match up on each side. As you can see I have nicked David's electrical tape to fix the ribbon as it's strong and won't be seen by the time I've finished! I've had this tape for about 6 months and David still hasn't noticed - what does that tell you about David and his D.I.Y habits!

Now I made two squares of white core'dinations cardstock to fit the two panels exactly, and stuck them over the inside of the folder. Simples!

Finally, I stuck the post it note pad to the left hand side of the card, which not becomes the bottom. For heavy things, or when I want to be sure that something will stay stuck, I use a hot glue gun. Then I went ahead and decorated the outside of the holder!

I did all the holders as a batch, that is I cut all the card together, cut all the panels together, and stuck all the ribbon together. You can still use different patterned papers and colours, I usually spend sometime choosing my papers before hand and getting everything together before I start. You can guarantee though I'll change my mind!

Well that's it....You can look back now!!

Will I be back tomorrow? What might I have...who knows! Come back and visit again x

Love, Clare x


Katie Berberich Handmade said...

What a great tutorial, thank you for sharing, I shall deffinately be giving that a go :)

Ali Watson said...

Fabulous tutorial Clare, thanks for sharing.

Jo Austin said...

Hi hunny.. how's you keeping?

Great Tutorial and I never thought of nicking Paul's tape.. mmm.. will have to go and find it!

Jo x

Christine said...

Thanks for your tutorial Clare, I will be making a few of these.
Christine xx

amanda stokes said...

Fab tutorial clare,i may just have a go at these.Have a fab weekend!
hugs amanda x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea. Can we see a photo of it closed and ribbon tied. pleaseeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

Ok, just checked out the rest of your blog and found what I was looking for. Great photos!