Sunday, 28 March 2010

I'm having a Massouive Clear Out!

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick post tonight just to let you know that I have started have a mammoth clear out of my craft Room, and wow! I'm taking no prisoners! I'm being so ruthless, nothing is being spared from having a stay of execution if I a) haven't used it for ages b) never used it (that's more like it!). My spare room where I'm storing the stuff I'm getting rid of is now looking like a craft room in it's own right, with a bed instead of a desk!

I've started to put the stuff onto Ebay, and believe me it's going to take AGES! I'm going to do a little bit every night when I can, so if you fancy having a look and grabbing yourself a bargain click here. Also please keep checking back, as I say there will be more added everytime.

I haven't forgotten about the blog candy either, I'm making sure I'm saving some of the more gorgeous stuff for that!

Have a great evening!

Love, Clare x


JR Creations said...

Hi Clare,

Are you only shipping to the UK, any chance you could include Ireland in that?


Sarpreet said...

wow! I will definitely be checking back x, I have a little something for you on my blog

SallyB said...

Hi Clare... I am wincing at your post!
What is this 'having a clear out'?
Not sure I have heard of it!!!!
Yeah, OK I am joking..I have done it.... errr.... once I think but I always end up regretting it. Just get to a crucial finishing touch on a card and think..."I know what will look good on that, those little things that I got at so and so".....and then "Oh yep, I threw them out at my last Clear out"!!!
ARRRGH! Good sound as though you are a woman on a mission!