Thursday, 29 July 2010

Off to the Emerald Isle...

I really can't wait - now that all the hard work has been done, I'm high on life at the thought of travelling to the Emerald Isle for a two day demo at David Walsh School and Office Supplies in Dungarvan, Ireland. Apparently it's a beautiful place and I can't wait to see it - and to meet all the avid crafters that David has told me all about. I'm off with Sheila Halliwell, me bezzy - who is also demoing, so we're sure to have a scream of a time. It will be great to see Cliona too!I'll be sure to take lots of photos.

Well, I'll leave you now with something I made a while ago.

When I travel for work I have to record my mileage, and I usually forget - leaving me wondering where I've been etc! So, when I had that time off work I zsushed up this little notebook to keep in my car so I can write down all the details. All the supplies are We R Memory Keepers.

When I showed it to David, he couldn't stop laughing! When I asked him why he was laughing so much he said - Goodness you can tell you're a crafter, anyone else would have a plain book!

Rather be embellished than plain!

Well, better set off for Sheila's house, don't want to miss the plane!


Dawn said...

Have a fabulous time xxx

Hayley said...

Have a fab time Clare - the Guiness is so much better over there!!!


ps - LOVE your mileage book! xx

Sarpreet said...

Have a lot of fun! I do love the notebook! its fab. i agree - i would rather have it embellished

chris said...

hi Clare, Have a good time how organised are you, I only wish i was!

Mel said...

have a blast petal!
Ireland is one of the must stunning places!
Yeah I so with you on that, netter a bit of sparkle or boring pad hee!
Hugs melly xx

Ger said...

I'm sure the craic will be good! Dungarvan's a bit far for me but Cliona will be demo-ing in Tullamore next Saturday and I'll be there. Ger x.

Jennifer said...

Hope you had a fab trip. Great notebook...fab idea xx Jenny xx

Sarpreet said...

I hope you had a fab time away, and fab time on your holiday. I have an award for you on my blog,take care.