Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Well it's about time...

That I update this old blog.

Now that my craft studio that is really 'the posh shed at the bottom of the garden' is oh so nearly finished, I truly am trying to get back onto crafting in a major way. And at the moment that's not so easy.

You see, when there's a cosy fire with a cat hell bent on sitting on your knee in the house and the craft studio is at least a 30 second walk away in the freezing cold with an equally freezing interior for at least 10 minutes until the electric radiator warms the air, it takes the will power of the strongest person to make it out and up there.

However, up there I will, and I'm sure it will be easier in the summer with lighter evenings and the like.

'Till then I'll share with you some of my most recent projects (probably made a good few months ago) that have never made it onto my blog. I'll share one every other day for the next few days. Space 'em out. You know, make them go further...

 I made this card for one of my friends at the local drama group that I'm a member of. Obviously she wanted a special card for a special birthday and I think she thought this fitted the bill perfectly. I made the pink flowers and stems with a die and added paper flowers. The frame was die cut from Core'diations Whitewash paper and sanded back to add definition. I created the text on my computer. of course I had to make a box to fit this card in which I made with my Scorepal.

So, still sat here in front of the real fire with a cat sat on my arm whilst I TRY and type, don't think I'm going to make it up there tonight. It being past 11pm and all...Maybe tomorrow. 

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crafting maria said...

beautiful card Clare
hugs maria xxx