Monday, 16 June 2008

Didn't we have a lovely time...

The day I went to Kirsty's!
It was so wonderful to see my lovely friend Kirsty Wiseman. I went to have a one to one photography lesson with her using my new DSLR and new lens. I thought she would be in for a rough old time (and I think she did too!), but I think I managed to pick it up fairly quickly, once I understood what all the jargon meant! We went to a lovley place near where Kirsty lives, called the three sisters (or something) and took photo's of flowers, ourselves, landscapes and whatever else we liked, trying out different settings on the camera. I really love it! I'll share some photos from our little jaunt with you.

We had a fantastic lunch at a lovely bar, and desserts (naughty!), then it was back to Kirsty's house (and her fantasic craft room where I was tempted to tuck into her button stash) to learn the basics of photoshop elements. What a great day!!

Now I've got sooo far to go to catch up with kirsty (if I got on a plane I still wouldn't catch her up), but I think I understand the basics. Now, to practice!

Whilst at Kirsty's I went to see my best friend and fellow Do Crafts designer Sheila Halliwell (she only lives two coughs and a whistle away from Kirsty, as she puts it). It was a bit of a surprise for her as we'd kept it a secret, and I walked into her craft club. She looked sooo surprised, and we had a great big hug. Then down to card making and gossiping, the things we like to do best. The theme of the prjects we were creating was music. Sheila does a card and makes up packs so people can make the same card, or they can make a card using the same products this is what I did. I really enjoyed making it!

We also went to 'Country Baskets' which is the most amazing trade warehouse for almost everything you can think of , and it's sooo cheap- I love it there!

Have a great day, whatever, you're doing!


Beckie said...

Great Photos Clare! And love the wee cards below! Dang cute!! x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

come back - i neeeeeeeeeeed you. I need my Curd-burglar fix.

Jo said...

These photos are brill - sounds like you had a fantastic time. Gorgeous cards :)

jo xx

Anonymous said...

We all loved having you at crafty club so much so we all admitted to lack of concentration after! Went to country baskets on sunday myself and bought loads of fab ribbon. Fab piccy's very polished for short time you have had the gear.

See you soon curdylicious - love Nicki x