Friday, 7 August 2009

New Poll on the Side Bar!

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I have put a poll onto my blog concerning those dreaded mens cards! I would be really grateful if you would let me know your opinion. all it takes is a little click, and every vote counts!

Thanks for your help!

Love, Clare x


sharon said...

Mens cards...........arghh, do I really have to make them? ;) my vote has been cast.
Hope you are well..haven't heard from you in a while.x

Unknown said...

Hi Clare I have taken the poll, my men, play football and golf, and I have these stamps, but as they are guys they also go to the PUB!!!! would love to have some off them, and they could be used for Women too. Hugs Avril xx

Emma said...

Hi Clare
Hope you are well. My vote is cast...
Emma x

Dawn Wheeler said...

Hi Claire xxx
hope you are ok babe xxxx
please help us with mens cards as i always struggle with these xxx
can we please have some funny one's for men as men are big kids at heart xxx
hugs Dawnxxx