Sunday, 16 August 2009

Oh, What a Night!

Well, I got back from Dorset in the nick of time. I had set off at 1.30, needing to be home for 7.30pm, thinking I would arrive with time to spare. However, not taking Friday rush hour traffic around the M25 and the Nottingham roadworks (when will that ever be finished?), how wrong could I be. And there's nothing more infuriating than sitting in a traffic jam knowing you need to be somewhere. As it was I didn't do too badly - as I pulled in the drive at 7.40pm (the car still looks as though it was joy riden into it's parking space!) and ran in the house.

The reason for this urgency - We were having an all extravaganza 'Michael Jackson Live in Bucharest' Party! My friend Michelle and her two daughters were coming round and we were going to strut our stuff (and probably sob a few tears) to the King of Pop! David and Joseph had vacated the building (Joseph would have loved it, but David has no taste, and the MJ thing is not him. Oh well, I suppose people have to have some faults!)

So they arrived and the fun started. It was wonderful to see the two young girls absolutely mezmerized by Michael and his moves, and the sheer spectacle of him in concert. Charlotte - the youngest (at 7 years old) kept saying "I wish I could have really seen him live". What's happened is so sad for me - I just can't tell you. even now after 7 weeks I still cry every day. I know you think I'm probably mad for admitting this, but he WAS my life when I was in my teenage years, and I can't help how I feel.

Anyhoo, as you can see from the photos we bopped till we dropped! Then through "Heal the World" we got out the candles and did out thang.

Thanks for a wonderful night Girls, and Michael of course!

Love, Clare x


Anonymous said...

You're not mad at all - and I hope you had a great day xx


kelly ledder said...

I agree it is so sad I grew up listenening to him

Katie Berberich Handmade said...

Ah how lovely, memories are great aren't they?

Sarpreet said...

It was so sad to hear of this death, hope you feel better soon, at least work will take your mind of things