Saturday, 2 January 2010

Giving you What I Promised...

Happy New Year! Hopefully you had a great New Year doing exactly what made you happy! As promised, photographs were taken to immortalise the evening in question and some of them are now displayed here as evidence of a good night had by all! Of course, there were a few sore heads, and lots of party popper waste to clear up, but it was all worth it!

Here is Joseph in the dancing competition. I think he was dancing to Lady GaGa, although he is known for throwing some moves to Michael Jackson. That's my boy!

I bought some cocktail umbrellas and as no one had used one in their drink, I put them to use as their second purpose in life - a handy hair adornment. Luverly Jubbly!

Here am I talking away to myself probably about nothing (again). I decided to wear my contact lenses for the night (which never lasts long, they make my eyes feel so dry even with drops), and whenever I see a picture of myself without my glasses I always feel as though there's something missing! It's weird how you get used to yourself being a certain way isn't it. I've even stayed at a hotel, checking in with glasses on, then going to reception later with contact lenses in, and not being recognised as the same person. oh, how I laughed. I'm seriously thinking of having my eyes lasered (said in a Dr. Evil accent), but I've had glasses since I was 10, I'm not sure whether I'd look okay.
Here is Sue (the hostess with the mostess) and I, before the effects of alcohol had chance to take hold. Sue is honestly one of the kindest, most thoughtful and welcoming people I have ever had the fortune to meet. You know when you're a crafter when you look at the photo and think - "Oooh, doesn't that umbrella go well with my top!"

This is Michelle and I, who again is so lovely. I'm so lucky to have lovely friends that live near me, where I can pop for a quick coffee and a chat. It really does make life wonderful! Again, before the alcohol poisoning.

This is Sue and I, about half past midnight, dancing to 'Amarillo' or 'Come on Eileen', or something or another. As you can see the alcohol demons had taken hold and they were not letting go. Also the contact lenses had won the 'let's see how dry we can get' contest in my eyes. What fun!

A few minutes past midnight, we all went into the garden and lit sky lanterns. If you have never done or seen a sky lantern, then I would wholeheartedly recommend them. They make a refreshing and peaceful change to fireworks, and are cheaper too. I got mine from the Range for £1.99 each. I got five altogether, and everyone got into groups and wrote a message to those we wanted to remember for whatever reason onto the paper lantern before we lit them and sent them off into the star studded sky. The evening really was perfect. My lantern was for Michael, and whilst it floated up to the heavens I thought of others we had lost in 2009, and others who had lost people also. New Year can be so hard for some people. I thought of them all.

Anyhoo, that's all for today. I really have to get on with projects for Creativity Magazine, tomorrow will be the day for this - a card making marathon!

Love, Clare x


Katie Berberich Handmade said...

Lovely pics Clare, looks like you had a blast! xx

clare said...

Happy New Year Hun xx look like you and Joesph had a fab
I seen a couple of those laterns over our way on new years eve..and they looked so peaceful just gliding thou the sky..thanks for the heads up where you got them from xx

and TFS your pic's hugs clarex

Sarpreet said...

Love the pictures, great idea with the Sky Lanterns, who would have thought how much a difference glasses make! I want my eyes to be done with laser surgery as well. fantastic pictures and certainly to be treasured. hope you have got your cards done for creativity - and as always love your cards in Creativity.

SallyB said...

Happy New year Claire....
Just love those pictures...Joseph looks so cute!!! and hey look at you all sexy smouldering eyes!!!Get the laser surgery...You have beautiful features!
Have a very happy crafty 2010...I have yet to do anything creative so far this year and I am itching to get into my craftroom and close the door...maybe tonight I can sneek away while everyone is watching much washing and tidying up to do at the moment and of course blogging! chat soon..x

Deirdre said...

Clare, Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2010. Loved the photos - thanks so much for sharing. Thanks also for inviting me to take part in your Talent Spot in this issue of Creativity. I had such a blast and it's a great way to start off 2010. Happy Crafting, Hugs, Deirdre

Ali Watson said...

thank for sharing your fab piccis Clare looks like you had a blast. All the very best for conntinuing success in 2010.