Saturday, 5 June 2010

A Lovely Award!

Well, I'm back again, this time to thank Sarpreet for my award which she gave to me about two weeks ago now. I'm so sorry for being delayed in accepting it, but now I have some time, I want to thank Sarpreet so much for choosing me.

The rules of this award is to link it to the person who gave this to you and award this to twelve other bloggers. Goodness, this could take some time!

Christine Dark (check out her digi stamp blog too - I love it!)

Emma Wood - (please do go and have a look at her blog and support the Yorkshire Air ambulance that she is raising money for in her father's memory)

Well, that took ages, everyone of your blogs are so inspiratonal that it was difficult for me to choose!

Please, go and pay them a visit and leave a lovely comment, it will make their day! And thanks again, Sarpreet!

Love, Clare x


Messi Jessi said...

What a great award scheme! Passing on your appreciation to all the blogs that you love and admire. Congrats on your award and I'm sure those you've passed it on to will treasure it too xxx

Fab said...

Thanks Clare, that's so sweet ! :) xoxoxo

Chris said...

Thanks very much for thinking of me Clare and for your sweet words, both are really appreciated! Hope you're doing OK and enjoy your weekend. Love and hugs, Chris x

Sarpreet said...

hi Clare, no apologies needed - it is clear how much of a busy bee you are. I will definitely check the blogs out, thank you

amanda stokes said...

Hi Clare!
Cheers for the lovely award and thinking of me :)
Lve your new blog look and signature and thanks for sharing the fab storage ideas so need to get me some of those tesco cd holders ;)
hugs amanda xx

katy said...

Awww thanks for thinking of me Clare :D
We really enjoyed Mary Kings Close, O/H was more scared than me,lol.It was incredible to think how they lived in those conditions...felt very sad to see all those toys left for the little amazing place though....

Loving the new look blog, really pretty. Hope you're feeling better Clare, love Katy x

Emma said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me and for givingmy fundraising a plug too...much appreciated.
Hugs Emma x

Alex said...

Hello Clare,

I was just browsing your blog after not having had time to visit for ages and had to do a double take when I saw my name! Wow, thank you so much for this lovely award! I did see your comment on my blog but didn't know it was you! When I clicked on the name it didn't take me anywhere... well, I found it now and I am well chuffed! Many thanks and I'll try to put it up on my blog soon (bit busy as preparing for my first ever craft class/open evening)!
Lots of love,