Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Storing Clear and Unmounted Stamps...Answering a Question

Good Morning!
I had planned to do this post on Saturday, but you know how things are what with a Bank Holiday weekend!

I had a comment on my post here about the way I store my rubber and clear stamps in CD cases, as the person had heard that there is something in the CD plastic that can deteriorate the cling in both ezymount and the polymer. I had heard this also, so I decided to do a little research, both on the internet and of my own.

I made this video{which I would love your comments on, and you can also subscribe to the Clare Curd Crafts! Channel on You Tube, lots of videos to come! } so you can see the results of my own research, but I also mention that I have found some links with more information. You can find these here and here.

So, there you have it. I wanted to do this so that you were all fully informed as to all the information out there about whether storing stamps in CD cases is a safe idea. From what I've discovered I'm still happy to leave my stamps as they are, and I'd love to know your thoughts!


Unknown said...

lol, again what planet am i sleeping on? I saw your WOYWW post and your card post, but missed this post. Thank you for sharing this video and I look forward to future videos.

Interesting, like you said in the end of the video its how you treat the stamps. A lot of people dont even clean them with the proper stuff.

I personally do not store them in a CD Case and keep them in the packaging, so i can use the colour reference on the front. I do like your CD idea, unfortunately until I have a room just for crafting I will not be able to incorporate your idea or tutorials, cos confession time - I have Tonnes of these!

I will keep it mind for the future. Thank you so much for sharing and taking the time to create the video.

You looked very tired in the video, like you made the video very early or late night!

Debo said...

Thanks for the video! I keep trying to find the perfect storage solution for my clear and unmounted stamps and this is one method that I've read about but haven't yet tried. Your stamps looked perfectly ok so that hasn't put me off. What I'm not sure about is whether to keep stamp sets together or categorize them? What have you done about this?

Debo said...

Oops! am working backwards so have just reached your tutorial!