Saturday, 18 June 2011

My Good News...

Hi there,

If you are one of my friends on Facebook, you may have heard my news that I have been bursting to tell everyone, but haven't been able to until now.

I'm so pleased to be able to now say that at the present time, I'm in talks with Create and Craft! I'm beyond excited at this new chapter in my life. In my opinion the award winning Create and Craft are taking the crafting bull by the horns and really leading the way in innovative, new and inspiring ideas. With all the new products and demos available, who wouldn't be excited!

I'm so excited {did I say that already?} to be working again with super talented people and friends such as Leonie and Dawn, and of course spending more time with them too! I'm soooo lucky to be able to do something that I love every day, I really don't take that for granted!

As soon as I have more news, you won't be able to stop me from shouting it from the rooftops!


Debbie T said...

Congratulations, you will be so happy in the Create and Craft family, and to have a job like that is very crafters dream. Enjoy every moment and remember to keep in touch with all your facebook andd blogger friends.n(I'm so jealous!! :) )

Lynn said...

Congratulations - does that mean that Docrafts are moving from QVC to C&C or will you be demonstrating for some other supplier?

Lynn x

Sarpreet said...

Congratulations Clare! Will look forward to seeing you on the TV - do let us know in advance when you will be on there.

I love your cards, and will be pleased to see more! And to be able to write for a magazine and do this day in and day out. Is everyones dream? I am still trying to break it out there!

I have been busy all week, and I was going to send you an email - to ask if you have not already done so to see if you are able to talk to Create & Craft.

~JulieH~ said...

Oh huge congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you on C&C!

Di said...

This is kinda spooky. Whilst waiting for your news, Creat and Craft have been my top bet for what your next move is!! Well done chick!! Di x

hyper_ni said...

Well C&C did seem like a good bet but wasn't sure which direction you wanted to head in after DC. :)

Am very happy for you, how exciting! Hope talks go well and we will see you on our screens very soon. They would be lucky to have you! x

Jenz Bitz 'n' Bobs said...

Congratulations Claire, I think Paul left you a message on Facebook. I hope the talke go well and we'll see you on our tv screens soon. Hugs Jenny xx