Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Storage Galore!

Hi There,

Today I wanted to share with you my completely new, and scrummily gorgeous storage systems, made from items picked up from Charity Shops. I LOVE trawling charity shops for things I can use for crafty reasons, I just have to be patient, not look for anything in particular, and also look at EVERYTHING!

This was a Barbie display case, I covered the Barbie sign {to the right, near the Union Flag tile} with pink vinyl, then it was simply a case of placing my inks, brayers and powders.

Yum, I'm much more likely to use them now. All I need to do is add my alcohol inks to the collection then I'll have all my inks out.

Now, I showed you this not long ago for the storage of my Promarkers, but I'd been on the look out for a double DVD storage case ever since I saw a post by Paula Holifield regarding the way she stores hers. The DVD rack was a little grotty, so I covered with white Vinyl from Silhouette and it looks so much cleaner and inviting now.

Paula was also providing a print out of the tabs you need to put into the DVD cases {which act as shelves}, so why don't you drop her a line and see if it's still available. Don't you just want to dive in and splash around in those colours ?!

I'll be back tomorrow with maybe a little something for you! x


Beckie said...

Wow looking good! How many promarkers! I keep saying no but might just have too

Sarpreet said...

hi Clare, thank you for sharing. Great stand, and very innovative idea from paula. Will take a look. although I do not own that many. They do look more appealing in that storage use. Happy WOYWW 104! the 2nd anniversary.

Linda Simpson said...

These look fantastic. Love the way you have stored your promarkers. Brilliant idea. Must email Paula as you have suggested.

Linda :)

Raven said...

Love the storage ideas you have shared! Thanks so much.

Louise said...

Great ideas Clare - and they didn't cost the earth. You've inspired me :)

Jennifer said...

Love it Clare! a little craft boutique!! xx Jenny xx

Clare said...

Love, love, love it all, so clever and neat! Teeny weeny question please... why are some labels upside down? Did the packaging people do my pet hate of not thinking before sticking? Veni, Vidi, Velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck. Hee hee!
Clare_2 xx