Saturday, 17 May 2008

News, news news!

Yesterday I had a lovely long chat with Hannah Westwood (Do Crafts Designer). I was in marks and Spencer at the time, and seeing as I haven't spoken to her since November last year at the Hobbycrafts exhibition it was a wonderful surprise! We had a laugh, and she told me that she was resigning from being a Craft-ed Consultant, for various reasons, and I can completely understand why. She's now concentrating on a crop she has started where she lives, and also her Do Crafts demos, so check out her blog to find more information. I really do wish her well with her new venture, as she has two young boys and stays at home to look after them. It's a pity that more people weren't as genuine and nice as she is!
Lots of love, Hannah, I hope to meet up with you again soon!

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Jo Austin said...

oh Hannah is so lovely isn't she! Totally agree.. was you meaning about me not being nice?! lol

Sounds like the roadshow was a laugh? never!

Glad you're enjoying the new job!

speak soon.
Jo x