Saturday, 31 May 2008

We did it our way!

Well, I think it's about time I made my final installment in the saga that is *The Do Crafts Roadshow*. I'm quite sad it's all over now, it was such great fun, and I think it will probably be another year before we're all in the same room again. It was nice to see some old familiar faces (less of the old), and great to meet new ones. I had met Sharon before (territory manager for my area) but it was like meeting a new person, she looked fantastic! Wow! I wish I had a figure like hers. Annette (territory manager for Scotland and Ireland) and I got on like a house on fire, we had such a laugh, and she's absolutely top dog.
Quick run down of the last week and a half. Monday Huddersfield went really well, and it was great to see some of my local retailers oohing and aahing over the new products. Also fitted in time to have a goof around after breaking down!
We Went out for a great italian that evening and took some snaps.
Fuelled with a little falling down juice, Sue, Hols, Kirsty and yours truly went back to my room to partake in a little Peter Kay and had a right laugh. As you can see!
Next day was travelling day to Cambridge, but unfortunately (yeah, right) along the route, me and Kirsty fell into Meadowhall for some retail therapy. Kirsty bought me a gorg cupcake timer which was immediately snaffled by Ems for her papermania display (I have it now though!). We also went and purchased a few choice gifts for all the girlies and one for the boys - John, as it was his birthday. Couldn't help being drawn into Paperchase, or Primark. That's also when I bought a new lens for my camera. Not Pirmark, Meadowhall, silly!

When we arrived at cambridge, we found that Kirsty and I had to share - what a bummer! NOT!!! I was sooo excited! We had the bestest time, inviting all the girlies back to our room for M & S extremely chocolatty mini bites and a good laugh watching clips on u tube - Victoria Wood and the funniest of clips from Most Haunted.

What a buzz there was at Cambridge. Everyone seemed excited about all the scrummily-umptious stuff, and I got sooo many extra kind comments about my work. Everyone was also drooling over Kirsty's coffee cup insulator scrapbook - the ultimate in recylcing. If I can get a piccy for you I will! I'm sure you will not be surprised that breaking down all the display units was incredibly faster than at any other road show - could it have been the football that did it? Kirsty and I went to our room early, meaning to do some crafting (a girl can never get enough!), but due to our lack of sleep Kirsty fell asleep and I watched The Apprentice.

The next day, on our way to lingfield, Kirsty and I were hoping to visit The Craft Barn (great shop!) but the traffic was so bad on the M25 (we should have known) we never got there. Had to go straight to the venue and start setting up. I had been feeling a bit *funny*, aching etc, but I put it down to all the setting up and breaking down. however, that evening I had the worst headache I've EVER had, and was shivering even though I was boiling hot. I know something was gravely wrong as I hardly eat any dinner!! I went straight to bed with Solpadene Plus, courtesy of Becks, and didn't feel much better in the morning. Luckily, Becks was on standby with the drugs again, which got me through the day. I felt a little detached, but managed to keep going, so that's the main thing. arrived home on Saturday afternoon, straight to bed!One week over! Phew!

Tuesday was the penultimate day. I travelled to Edinburgh getting there quite late, due to late trains etc. Edinburgh felt strange, as it was our last day, and even though I was glad to be getting back to normality, and seeing my family more, This HAD BEEN my normality for three and a half weeks. I was exhausted, shattered, I ached, and I had been ill, but conversely I had experienced the most exhilarating, funny, wonderful time, and spent quality time with the most kind, wonderful , hilarious people. So I had a little cry as I set off from Edinburgh train station, knowing that I would have to wait a whole year before I could do it all again. Thanks for the experience guys, I had a blast!

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Anonymous said...

Well I need a lie down after reading all of that clare - oops I am already! You sound like the Partridge Family (do you remember them?) travelling and performing all over. Hope you are feeling better - Nicki