Monday, 7 June 2010

Drama, Drama, Drama!

Well, as you can probably see I've been really busy over the past couple of days, adding little touches to my blog to hopefully make it more appealing to the eye, and I've really enjoyed doing it! I must thank Shabby Blogs and Cutest Blog on the Block for advice and free blinkies! Gosh I remember about two and a half years ago, I didn't even have a blog - or know how to create a link or anything - it's amazing what you can learn from internet pages around the world, so thanks for all your help! I've also added some pages to my blog - Tutorials - with links to the tutorials I've done (only 2 so far, but I hope for more) and Challenges around blogland.

Had a bit of a drama on Saturday night - well, it started like this...David (hubby) had gone to bed, and I was still on the internet playing around with my blog. Decided I'd take a visit to the downstairs ladies room as you do, and minding my own business, walked straight into a BIG puddle of water all around the loo. Quick as a flash (rather like Mrs. Incredible) I ran upstairs to get David. Who stumbled downstairs (he does like his sleep, bless him) and tried to wake himself up. I did think about splashing him with toilet water, but thought he might object.

Anyhoo, to cut a long story short, it seems that the cistern is cracked all down the side and underneith, only a hair-line crack mind you, but I'm sure thats all it needs for those pesky molecules of water to escape. So there I was, midnight - suddenly tired at the thought of having to do some work scooping out water from the cistern with one of Joe's plastic beakers (which is now in the bin just in case you're wondering).

Now, every cloud has a silver lining - the floor isn't damaged (we think, it's a laminate floor), and it means that we need a new loo - Whoo hoo! (ooo, that rhymes!) and to finish it off we're going to have a small corner sink fitted, which will be great instead of having to use the kitchen or utility room sink. That's if we can fit one's a very little, little girls room!

I'll try and be back soon with a card...thanks for coming to visit!


Dazie said...

Well the blog is looking Fabulous I love it the colours are gorgeous!

As for the loo glad you managed to sort it out and woop woop now you have the joy of finding a loo that you like to replace it!


Jac said... now I know how to get my ensuite updated! Thanks Clare. Good one!! LOL

Your blog is looking great by the way...loooove the colours :)

Unknown said...

Oh no! Sounds horrific. Your poor sleepy hubby and your wet feet lol! Thanks for following my blog - you made my day :)

Messi Jessi said...

Your blog is looking fabulous - I love the kinda-spotty flowers you've got going on with the background. What a catastrophe with the WC! But then if you get a nice new loo and sink out of it then maybe not so bad after all!

Sarpreet said...

oh no! new loo, i would love to change the ones in our house. I am enjoying reading all the updates on your blog.

Emma said...

Loving your new blog look, gorgeous colours.
Rofl at your broken loo, bet your hubby was well impressed.
Hugs Emma x