Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Move Over Alan Titchmarsh...

Good Evening!

Well, I've not been in my craft room as of late - I'm making the most of the good weather and at the same time trying to get my garden sorted out in my last few day off recuperating. The swing seat has been up for a good few days now, but I've barely sat in it for 10 minutes as I always seem to spot something to do!

Today I've been planting up some new pots and then had a trip to the garden centre for more plants and lovely things to make my garden nice! I must admit however, I'm not very green fingered, and I had to ring my mum to ask - is so and so plant perennial? I only like to buy perennials if I'm planting in the strip along the back, as I can't be doing with the hassle (or the cost for that matter) of planting out, then having to do it all again the next year! I don't mind bedding plants and annuals for pots, but I like something in my garden all year around.

I also bought an outside small table for the side of the swing chair to hold a drink or two! - maybe olives too? I LOVE olives! And the chimnea will make an appearance onto the decking full time now I've bought a cover - no use tucked up in the shed, and then when you need it you can't be bothered to get it out! I also bought some beautiful hanging baskets - 2 for £12! It would have been rude not to at that price! A couple of lantern also went into the trolley ready to hang around my decking - I really can't wait until it's all finished - just in time for winter I expect - I'll be sure to post some photos when it is.

Well, best be getting to beddy byes, I had a late one last night - Talking to Cliona Larkin (a fellow docrafts demonstrator from over the pond; no, not America - Ireland!) for nearly three hours - imagine the phone bill. Then I realised I had her on skype where we could have chatted for free - she was best pleased. I will have exciting news once everything is sorted. Tomorrow I have a man coming to steam clean a couple of my carpets - cheaper and less hassle than replacing, and remember - watch the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Not in my purse!

Thanks for taking the time to visit xx


Sarpreet said...

ooo... new garden, new you. I love reading these updates. I hope you are able to continue updating once you go back to work. Looking forward to some exciting news. Ireland... sounds very interesting.

Messi Jessi said...

Your garden sounds like it is shaping up nicely, and that it is the perfect way to help you recuperate. Looks like being a nice day today (at least in Norfolk!) so hope you get time to enjoy it xxx