Thursday, 17 June 2010

My Sea{t} of Tranquility

This is the life...this really is the life! I've been busy all morning zhushing up the garden with my new pur-chases and now I'm enjoying the fruits of my labour.

I've planted some more pots and given the table and chairs another coat of furniture oil, filled up the bird feeders and given the bird table a good clean, cleaned out my glass lantern which were filled with wax after the children got hold of them after a Bar-be-Q we had in April, got out the chimnea from the back of the scary shed so that we can actually use it if we get cold, and put up my lanterns, fairy lights and got out my cushions and throw for when there's a chill in the air in the evenings.

This is where I'm sat right now typing this! Isn't the wonders of technology amazing - thirty years ago you would have had trouble to fit a computer into a space the size of an average family living room, and look at me now, sat with one on my lap. Whatever next - flying cars?!
I LOVE my new swing chair/seat/bench {delete as appropriate} it's so comfy - I'm laid the length of it right now as it gently swings to and fro. All I need now is the sound of waves lapping the shore - I've got a water feature - does that count?

This is to the left side of the swing appendage {If you were sat on it, not if you were looking at it - I don't want you to get confuddled} with the array of pots and plants that I bought yesterday. I also dragged the large one in the corner around from the front of the house, and nearly gave myself a hernia whilst doing it. We've only used the chimnea once, although we have only had it since April, so I can see it getting used lots now it's outside. And it's a lot more environmentally friendly than those calor gas patio heater thingies.
One minute whilst I switch to the other side of the chair and get a swing going...That's better - I was burning one arm and I don't to get lop sided! OOo, and it is a little red too! Silly me - you'd think with having dark hair I would tan easily but I take after my dad - one look at the sun and I'm like a lobster! Will be slapping some aftersun on that tonight me thinks. Anyhoo, I digress. This is the right hand side of the swing. Again a similar set up here, sans le chimnea {Ooo, get me!}

Mmm, look at my gorgeous pinky pink lantern! And I love the daisy flowers (real name Osteospermums or something like that). Grass is a bit neon see, I didn't use RAW!!!

Just look at them, aren't they stunning? I love the blue centres with the touch of orange around the edge. Wish I'd got the orange ones too now :( Will go back at the weekend and get them :)

Finally, here's a couple of the lanterns. I just love candle light in the evenings! and I ♥ ♥ ♥ my new decking area!

Well that was a little like 'through the keyhole'! Promise this is not turning into a gardening blog - papercrafts is still my first love. Normal service will resume shortly!


Sarpreet said...

wow! that is peace and tranquility in its own, you can see your hard work. Enjoy!

Sparkle and Flourish said...

Clare...what a beautiful space you have created! I just love your photography :) And mmmm might have to go get osteospernums for myself now! I'm inspired! Enjoy your little haven !

Judy xx

Carrie said...

WOW! Your soo lucky to have a garden like that! Wouldnt mind a wee day in there lol. Carrie xx

Unknown said...

love your garden, can i come and relax with you looks so peacefull xx

The Occasional Crafter said...

It looks like paradise! You've done a magnificent job, well done. Any chance of you coming over here and working some of your magic on our garden??!

Best wishes,

Gibmiss said...


chris said...

Hi Claire
wow your garden looks so pretty, and that seat looks fabulous.
hugs chris xx

Rachael said...

Jealous does not describe how I feel when I look at those photos! Your photos are awesome!!
Rach xx

Vee said...

Oh I love your garden Clare, all the little lanterns and lights and that beautiful Swing, lucky you...I've been after one of those for a while now, still trying to talk Hubby Enjoy!!
xx Vee