Friday, 11 June 2010

Oh My, What a Day!

Hi everyone!

Well, yesterday is all over, thank goodness! Because my appointment was in the afternoon, I had all day to dread it! I kept myself busy, making some cards for the local summer fayre, but my mind kept wandering to what laid ahead in the afternoon. As it's quite personal, I'd rather not go into what I had done, but the thing I was dreading the most was the local anaesthetic, which was quite bad, but once I had that over and done with, it was fine - until the anaesthetic wore off! Then I turned to wine and paracetamol in the evening - not thinking about mixing the two - being an ex-nurse and all. Oh well, I had a lovely sleep! Anyhoo, that should be the whole sorry affair over and done with - just have to wait and see, but hopefully this should be the last time I bore you over the subject.

When I was having a look in Joseph's book bag last night, I found a note from school saying that the children could wear either an England or football strip on the day England play in the World Cup, and if a match falls on a Saturday, they can wear them on the Friday. Luckily my friend told me there was a match on Saturday as quite feankly I have absolutely ZERO interest in football, and neither does David or Joseph, but you know what children are like when they are the only ones in the whole school not wearing the same as the others. It really is isolation for them. I do get quite fed up with the lack of notice with these things - finding a note in Joe's school bag at 7pm the night before, with no way to get to a shop really isn't on, but there we are. SO what did I do? I was just going to send him in a red t-shirt, but I knew that wouldn't suffice, so I got out the NEW Artiste's Acrylic Paint from docrafts (please see note below the picture), an old white t-shirt and me paint brush, and painted one meself, drugged up on paracetamol and charddonay at 10.30pm. I think I did a good job, considering the circumstances!

Now I must say, these paints are waterbased, and therefore not suitable for t-shirts that are going to get wet (ie washed) and Joseph will probably come home covered in red paint, but needs must - so please don't think the Artiste's Acrylic Paints are waterproof and suitable for fabric, as they're not!

I also wanted to show you a new addition to my Craft Studio - a wonderful set of Copic markers!!! I decided to be a naughty girl and treat myself for being a good girl!

Ooo, look at 'em all - just makes you want to dive in, doesn't it!

Anyhoo, making more cards today for the Summer Fayre today, so hopefully I have something to show you maybe later, or tomorrow, or after the weekend....soon!


Beckie said...

Bl$^^£ 'ell you did treat yourself! You go girl! Love ya!

SallyB said...

Hey there Clare...
Pleased to hear that you have the worst behind you..sounds like you were a very brave girl and you really earnt those copic markers.
I know what you mean about the school leters although in their defence..I have often found loads stored up in the childrens drawers at the end of the year!
Take care of yourself. Take a pic of Joseph when he comes home from school...they are going to be cursing you..I bet he's leaving a trail of red splodges everywhere..ha ha.

Messi Jessi said...

Glad to hear the procedure wasn't too bad, I bet that glass of wine was well needed!

I can't believe you had the excellent thought to make your son a shirt! It looked great as well, I bet his friends would never know. I'm looking forward to being a wold-cup widow over the summer, just think of all that uninterrupted craft time!

Look at all those copics! I'm officially jealous you lucky thing xxx

Linby said...

So nice to see you back blogging Clare. Glad your treatment is behind you What a fabby mum you are after all you had been through to get that Tshirt done and it looks great, he looks so pleased in it too.
Take care

Denise said...

T-shirt looks fab you've done a greeat job on it even with wine & paracetamol lol.glad ot hear your over the worst & remember sit & relax.hugs Denise x

Denise said...

T-shirt looks fab you've done a greeat job on it even with wine & paracetamol lol.glad ot hear your over the worst & remember sit & relax.hugs Denise x