Friday, 4 June 2010

Storage Ideas

I can't believe it's nearly been a month since I last updated my blog. One day, I'll get the hang of keeping this thing up to date - I used to be so good at it, but I suppose over time I've become busier, and with that comes less time for things like this.

At the moment I'm having some time off work - next week I have some treatment at the hospital and docrafts have very kindly said that I can have some time off around the treatment - I really need it to be honest, life has been very hectic recently. Sometimes I feel that I never get time to look up and appreciate things around me - so the next few weeks will allow me to do just that.

So far this week I've cleaned out all the kitchen cupboards and restocked with food - goodness I can't remember the last time I went out for a good old food shop! Once, the cupboards were bare, now they are overflowing! I've also had my car serviced, and we';ve had the painters in and now have a fresh new hall, stairs and landing! I'm trying to catch up on all the things I never get the time to do. Next week I hope to have some chill time. I'm hopfully getting a swing sear (always wanted one of those!) to sit in the garden, but I think the weather is meant to get miserable next week again - I choose my moments!

Anyhoo, I DO have some cards to share with you (Pardon? I hear you scream) but tonight I want to show you some ideas for storage that now grace my room. I found these CD storage holders at Tesco, and I thought they would be perfect for my quickutz nesting dies and the like - and they were!

They are like a little filing cabinet, and I keep one set of dies in each CD pocket.

I also can fit in my Quickutz embossing folders ( and also other brands of embossing folders) so they are really handy to see what I have available. I also keep my Letterpress printing plates in the CD pockets too. Now I have three of these blue boxes, one for dies, one for embossing folders and one for my letterpress plates. I love them!

And now, these are quite obvious ideas, but I thought I would share the pictures anyway, becasue they are so yummy! I always buy Douwe Egberts coffee, and use the glass jars for storage as they have lovely glass lids with a vacuum lid (which I remove for the dishwasher), and they really don't look like coffee jars when used for someone else. I not too keen on using a glass jar with a plastic branded lid, as I think it takes away the beauty of what's inside - call me shallow, but there we are! The small er jars are from IKEA, as are the white stands, which allow me to layer my jars and get more on a shelf.

Anyhoo, that all for tonight, hopefully I'll be back before you know it with a couple more storage ideas!
Take Care,
Clare x


Nicola said...

Good ideas with the storage, I love those jars of embellishments they look great,you've got plenty to choose from for all your upcoming projects!

Best Wishes

Messi Jessi said...

Great storage ideas Clare, just wish I had as many crafty goodies as you to put in them!

Denise said...

wow clare the cd storage is fab,i get that coffeeeee too as love the jars to fill wae sweets for gifts.fabby blog & now a follwer.Denise x

Jane said...

Hi Clare
The Jars look fabby! I think I will start drinking that coffee and saving the jars.

Love Jane xx

Kathleen said...

great to see you back. hope you manage to get some rest before your treatment. Keep positive!!
Kathleen Mc
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Katie Berberich Handmade said...

That is an excellent storage idea Clare, well spotted!
I hope you enjoy some precious spare time soon.
Katie x