Thursday, 10 June 2010

Strolling and Snapping

Yesterday I went for a lovely walk around the local town after taking Joe to school, and I decided to take my camera along for the ride. You may be wondering why, all of a sudden I'm able to post on my blog so regularly after such a long absence, and how I'm getting out and about more than Ant and Dec, well, you see I'm having a couple of weeks off work. I'm having my treatment this afternoon (by the time you read this I should be well and truly doped up and hopefully out of it!) and I just need some time to get back onto the World. It has been really great - firstly getting to grips with mundane things such as cleaning and shopping, but also wonderful to take time to enjoy the world around us...and that's where these photographs come into the story. Sorry for waffling!

I noticed this stunning flower on the way back from walking Joe to school, so on my way to town I couldn't resist stopping and taking a couple of photographs. I love how the water droplets have fallen on the petals and the colours of the flower are gorgeous!
Once I got into town, I popped into the local coffee house for my favourite non-alcoholic tipple - latte! I had taken in a couple of photography mags with me, and I was overwhelmed with the need to take this photograph. I love taking pictures like this, and the wonderful thing about digital photography is that you can keep snapping away, getting the lighting, aperture and composition right until you're happy! This is not exactly right, so I've just contradicted myself, but there was a fella in the coffee house trying to talk to me all the time, so I was distracted!
Then on I went to St. Peter's, an Anglo-Saxon Church in Barton Upon Humber which dates from the 10th Century. It's not used as a place of Worship (there is another church about 200 yards from St. Peter's) - it's now a National Heritage property, and therefore open to the public. However, not on the day I visited. Just my luck!

I don't know whether I mentioned it before, but I recently (well, December) joined the local Amateur Dramatics Society (Southwalk Players) and we run the local Barton Ghost Walk. I play the Ghostly Midwife and I tell my story in St. Peter's Grave Yard. I stand just by the grave stone (to the left of the street light, if you can make it out) and tell the story of the 'Woman that no one knew). Oooooo Spooky! It really is in the dark. The Ghost Walk usually runs from October to March (we need it to be dark), but we're doing a one as part of Barton Arts Week on the 28th June. It starts at 9.30pm from Baysgarth Museum (if you know Barton). Why don't you come along if you live close by and fancy being scared out of your wits?!

So, this grave stone is the centre of the story I tell. It reads "Doomed to receive half that my soul held dear, the other half with grief, she left me here. Ask not her name for she was true and just, once a fine woman, now a heap of dust." Nice. If you want to know more about the story, you'll just have to come on the Ghost Walk!!

Then I went home, and did boring homely things. Hopefully tomorrow, if I feel up to it tonight, I may have a card to share. Have a great evening, won't you!


Lynn said...

Don't know what treatment you are having, but hope everything goes well for you. Glad to see that you are taking some time out for yourself. Must say thank you for designing the 'It's a Man's World' clear stamp sets. I have all three and think they are great, just perfect for those dificult male cards. Party Animal, is ideal for my 21 year old son, For The Love of Sport, just what I need for my cricket mad 14 year old son (and ghis friends) and although my husband is not exactly a Couch Potato, he has been known to fall asleep in the chair so this set is ideal for him. The word and sentiment stamps are so useful for other cards too so I can see me using these sets a lot.

Lynn x

Tracy said...

Hi Claire,

I love your photographs - they make me want to pick up my camera and go out 'n' about snapping too! The flower pic is really stunning!

Enjoy your time off - its important to take a break every now and again to recharge your batteries and catch up with things that normally get put to one side -including time to do just what YOU want to do. I hope your treatment has gone well today.

Tracy x

Sarpreet said...

its nice to have time for yourself to enjoy the things you love, everyone thinks I am crazy with my camera but no one truly realises how much I love photography, have done wedding photography before.

Carol Ann said...

Love your photo's I want to be there on the 28th but obviously Edinburgh is just a tad too far away! It's good you are having time out for you well done I think we need to learn to do that more often and not feel guilty about it. I hope your treatment has gone well.
Hugs Carol Ann xx

Lynsey said...

Stunning photo's Clare! Nice to hear you have a good break. Hope your treatment goes well.
Hugs Lynsey x

Messi Jessi said...

Wow your photography is amazing! I love the coffee piccie in particular as I am such a coffee addict! Hope your procedure goes well and wishing you a speedy recovery x