Thursday, 28 April 2011

See What I Bought Yesterday...

Yesterday I decided to get a couple of hours out and about and popped to my local garden centre, which isn't really like a garden centre at all, well it is of course cos it has plants and gardening things, but when I say it's not like a garden centre I mean because it's like a department store.

I had a lovely time walking around all the lovely displays of this and that and even added to my slowly growing pile of christmas gifts that I've started to aquire. I'm adamant I'm not leaving it to the last minute as I usually do, my only trouble will be remembering who I've got what for, and where I've put them all when the time comes!

As usually happens with these trips, I end up bringing myself something lovely home as well as for others and this trip was no exception.

Mmm, these are my lovely new Yankee Candles - you really can't go wrong with a Yankee candle. As you can see though I really do like the sickly sweet ones, and the creamy caramel is gorgeous! My absolute fave is Creme Brulee which they discontinued yonks ago, but I managed to find some online and bought their whole stock! Sorry if anyone else likes it, but I got there first *sticks tounge out*. The only trouble is that I don't want to burn them as I probably won't be able to find them anymore, so I just keep them in a box, take off the lid periodically, and have a good sniff.

 Now, come on! Just how super cute is this?! It's a dinky tape measure in the shape of a button, which you can also use as a pin cusion, but I won't be sticking any pins into this baby, I could mark or hurt it or something! I shall keep by my desk at all times in case of a measuring emergency. It's one of those things that you don't really need, but just have to have.

I saw a while back that someone had bought this book, and had posted on the internet how good it was. You even get everything you need to make the bag on the front too! I can't wait to get stuck in!! I've probably mentioned this before, but my Mum and Dad got me a sewing machine a few Christmas's ago and I haven't got around to using it yet {well, not really, only sewing a few stiches onto a scrap of cloth} so this will give me the push I need. I've also bought some material to do a project to make something from 'Making Magazine' , but I'll leave that surprise for another time!

Anyhoo, gotta go, time to pick Joe up from the Childminders, them pop to pick up his pottery painting that he did last week. I did something too - I'm so excited to see it - I'll show you what I did if it turns out okay!


S Westhead said...

Gotta luv Yankee Candle!

Dazie said...

I am a yankee candle lover too and I bought the scent of the month yesterday which is gorgeous! Hubby also treated me to the cute plate and shade that has bees and flowers on for it. I love the soft blanket scent its gorgeous!

I also have that book, not actually made anything as yet but I love looking through it!
Enjoy your new buys!

~ Ali Robertson ~ said...

Love Yankee Candles too. OMG i was looking at this book yesterday on sounds great!

Ali x

Beckie said...

That Creamy Caramel is a fav of mine too along with frosted pumpkin ... yum!

Amanda said...

Ooh! I'm addicted to Yankee candles too - still burning the Christmas ones though because I bought too many at the end of last year!

Love your blog and your new craft room.

Crafty Creations by AJ

Dazie said...

This months scent of the month is Midnight Jasmine its so lovely!!! There is a Yankee fb page and you must check out the site as they have some great bargins on there :) The fragrance/scent of the month usually has 25% off, check out your local garden centres thats where I get mine :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sarpreet said...

I dont think I would have been able to resist that cute measuring tape either. its gorgeous and pink!

Ciara said...

Hiya Clare, can't help but love that tape measure, it's super cute!

In answer to your questions on my blog - the perspex drawers are from Muji and some of the bakers twine is from the Ribbon Girl and some is from The Twinery in the US (I ordered a sample pack where you get 15 yards of each colour). The Ribbon girl stuff has more white than colour, while the Twinery stuff is more colour than white. If that didn't make sense, let me know & I can send pics to show you!!

Unknown said...

I've had a similar purchase. I got Fluffy Towels, Country Lemonade, Tutti Frutti and 2 others I can't remember!