Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Time to Reveal the Revamp!

Whoa! Are you ready for this??! I'm so excited and even though it's not completely finished {when can we EVER say a room is completely finished?} I can wait no longer! I probably the only one excited about this, but I can tell you it's definitely given me a new lease of life.

The only before pictures I have posted on my blog are these just showing part of my room and also the colour of the walls as was. There are more on my old laptop but for some reason I can't seen to turn it on at the moment! When I can I'll edit this post.

Well, it's taken a good few weeks to get from that to this, and there's still more to do, but I'm getting there. I've had a masshouive clear out, and now most of the children and adults in the local area are beneficiaries of my clear out - and I wouldn't have it any other way. If I can spread my love of craft to others, then I've done my job.

SO where so I start? At the beginning would be a good place!

 I've painted the walls with Cape May by the New England Paint company, it's probably just white to the untrained eye, but you and I can tell the difference, right? ;) I kept the colour above the picture rail just to add a soupcon of colour, but mainly because I couldn't be bothered to paint all the mountainous artexing peaks! I treated myself to a new clock {IKEA} to nicely contrast with the walls and a new 'sideboard, cupboardy thing', which now looks better than 4 of those mismatched plastic drawer things that were all different heights. I've also got a new gorgeously pink scalloped edged WRM magnetic craft mat, which is gorg! Also, I've added some poles, and magnetic strip a la IKEA, great for punches and scissors and the like. I also have the gorgeous white carousel from Create and Craft {on the sideboard} which is such good quality, and my be-utiful giraffe print tote bag from Craft Superstore.

 This is now looking to the direction the previous photo was taken. I've made the wall decal myself, and it was soooo easy to do, with help from my Silhouette{close ups to follow}. I LOVE that machine! I invested in some new boxes for my expedit shelves, and these are made from frosted perspex. As I could see through them, I thought this looked too untidy, so I bought 14 sheets of 12 x 12 patterned paper and had them laminated. These fit nicely into the front of the boxes and make everything look uniform, and no longer untidy. The room will make the room look untidy, soon enough! ha ha.

Here's the wall decal in more detail. The 'dream' and 'inspire' words are made from Silhouette Pink Vinyl. It's so easy to do! I'll do a tutorial on how to make your own later in the week. The 'Create' word is made from letters bought from decopatch. They are like a papier mache, and they come white. Tutorial to follow about this!
 Mmmm, droool...buttons, brads and flowers! I just LOVE my buttons, brads and flowers and must have spent two full evenings sorting these beauties into colour schemes. I have displayed them in colour schemes too. At the back there is a large jar with flowers, to the middle a medium jar with buttons, and to the front a small IKEA jar with brads. Like a rainbow of fruit flavours!

 I also found these handy little plastic baskets on a trip to IKEA too. They are great for storing 6 x 6 paper pads {you can get two next to each other with the spines showing - I'll take a piccy}, but here I've used them for my scrap paper and cardstock. I've already started putting vinyl signs on them to denote the colour, but I'm waiting for more colours of vinyl to be delivered so I can finish this! Can you see, I have no purple scraps! I also have a large one for patterned paper.

 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! The frame is from IKEA, and I printed off the 'Get Excited and Make Things' onto glossy photographic paper. It was sooo easy and fun to do and now adorns my wall behind my desk. It makes me smile every time I see it.  You are allowed to print this out for your own use, as long as you are not selling and making profit from it. See here for details!

 This started life as a black drawered unit {I think I have a picture on my old computer somewhere}. I took out the drawers and painted the unit with duck egg satin paint. Once it had had about three coats {and that took ages!} I stuck the drawers back into the unit using 'No Nails' - wow that stuff is so quick to dry, and strong. I also used this to stick the Create letters to the wall. I also want to introduce you to my full set of Promarkers. I coloured a circle sticker and wrote the name, before sticking to the end of the pen for easy selection. The pen layers are separated by coasters which fit the compartments perfectly.YUM!

Finally {for now!} This is my collection of clear stamps - my love, my joy. I still have LOADS of sets of stamps to sort out, but here on the shelves I have 293 - count 'em. CD's full of clear stamps. I know obscene, but they are my Achilles heel!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed a look around my room. Any questions, I'd love to hear them!


Hayley said...

OMG!!!! Wow Clare it's fabulous, I love the colours and the organisation is amazing - put's my little crafty den to shame! lol Think I might have to print out the cheeky poster as it makes me smile too.
Thanks for sharing (I'm still gobsmacked at the amount on stamps you have!)
Hugs Hayley x

Jo Austin said...

Looking fab, my love!

The room looks a lot bigger now its a bit lighter. Well done you.

Must be the week for it too, as I put photos of my room up on my blog the other day. lol.

Take care, speak soon.
Jo x

darcy48 said...

Wow what a gorgeous room its so bright its really lovely and sure you will enjoy working in there who wouldn't?

Wiccababe said...

oh how I wish I had an entire room to be crafty in - mind you I don't think I'd ever come out of it if I did.
It looks fantastic Clare, am so jealous

Sarpreet said...

wow! This is not a craft room, but a craft studio, a crafting heaven, wow. I want a room like this.

Sweetncrafty Gal said...

OMG! Clare!! i thought i had a lot of stamps!! my gosh can i come move in???!?! lol wow!! love your space! and really would like to know more about how you made your wall art!!! i want to try only have slice & cricut noooo idea where to start!! lol

hugs carlyann xxx

CraftyLin said...

Sooooooooooo jealous - that is a fab room - I really must re-organise my room now.

pinky said...

I love your work room, so organised. You must have the patience of an angel to sort and label so much stash but its well worth it. Very impressed;)

Elaine Stark said...

Great work. I am so jealous of your organised space. Enjoy your crafting. Elaine

Katie Berberich Handmade said...

Ooh my! So this is where the magic happens! What a fab place to craft, such lovely individual elements.You just have to love IKEA!

hyper_ni said...

WOW! An amzing space, lucky you!

I ove how pretty your flowers, buttons and brads look all sorted into colours fab! :)

-Agnes- said...

Well done, that's impressive - I wish mine was half as tidy and organized as yours is! Your labelling method for the markers and the dividing with coasters is a great idea. By the way, I can't see your ribbon dowels anymore?

~ Ali Robertson ~ said...

Jealous Dot Com LOL Loving the CD storage. Ok I'm being nosey now. Do you put clear stamps like Forever Friends Etc into the CD cases or is it a certain brand?

Hope you don't mind me asking :D

Ali x

MaudMartha said...

WOW***** You're so organised - just like mine ( I wish ). But you have given me a few ideas of how to improve my storage. Thanks
Maud Martha

Mel said...

I so love it honey!! It looks lovely and light with plenty room to get crafty and messy hee!!
I seen just a wee place under the desk whre I could move in too heee
Hugs Melly xxxx

Lisa-Jane said...

Love the colours in your room. IKEA is brilliant for us crafters isn't it? I have my buttons in small jars too with my larger ribbon jars behind them - reminds me of a sweety shop! Love that poster too - very apt xx

spikesbitch said...

This is so inspiring as i'm still planning my craft room. I love the idea on the promarker sticker on the lid. I'm going to pinch that if it's ok with you. Can you give us some close up pics on how you use the cd's to store the clear stamps? do you stick them inside? put the whole sheet in? They're a different size than most clear stamps so it's got me stumped. I'm desparate for a stamp storage solution.

Brilliant effort on your part for a stunning result. Bravo.

Create With Joy said...

What a beautiful workspace you have!

Welcome to WOYWW and thanks for visiting me at Create With Joy!
Today we're discussing Balance Versus Burnout - I hope you'll stop by and share your thoughts!

Have a fabulous weekend and hope to see you soon!


Ciara said...

Your room is amazing Clare! So many things I love about it - the colour, the scrap storage boxes (do you happen to remember what they are called?), the marker storage, the button jars........

Fantastic! If you haven't already, you should submit it to the Crafty Storage blog!

Julia said...

What a gorgeous room to craft in, no wonder you are so pleased with it! Great storage of your clear stamp sets, I must do something with mine! Can I ask what the font is that you used on your wall decal, the dream and inspire wording? I love it and have been trying to (unsuccessfully) find out what it is, and help would be great! xx

Boopnut said...

I am new to your blog. I am in the process of revamping my craft area. There is much I need to get rid of! I love your ideas!

Linda Dale said...

Love your space, what can I say it is fabulous. I just sent for 100 clear CD cases and can not wait to organize my stamps, although I dont have that many, I can have room to expand. The only problem is now I need to expand the wall out. oops. Thanks for the inspiration. www.thefruitofmyhands.blogspot.com

Susie M. said...

What a fabulous room! congratulations on your space!

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

Your room looks gorgeous - I'm most jealous! I'm lucky enough to have a custom promarker storage unit (that was featured recently on Crafty Storage blog too), but I hadn't thought to write the names on the coloured stickers for the end, what a great idea!

Tracey said...

Your craft room looks fabulous Clare, I am sooo jealous lol