Monday, 30 May 2011

A Cushion for Pins...

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!

Well, it's a little miserable today here in the North of North Lincolnshire, but perfect weather for crafting, and watching old movies with a duvet! Lovely! I've just been reminiscing with an old movie, 'Rear Window' by Alfred Hitchcock - a classic!

I just wanted to show you the results of some of my first attempts at sewing. Do you like it - it's a pin cushion! It's not perfect, but it's a start and I really like it! The material is from IKEA {No, I don't actually live there!}. I made it after watching this video here and here, I used a plate as a template for the circle, and the rest is history.

Thanks for stopping by today. Tomorrow I will have news of changes happening in my life, so if you can come by tomorrow, I would love to share them with you!


amanda stokes said...

Hi Clare,
Fab cushion,could really do with one of these for my needles,might have to give it a go :)
Enjoy your bank holiday :) xx

Rachael said...

What a lovely little cushion! Wish I could sew then I may need use of one of these lol.
I love IKEA too lol youre not alone ha ha :D.
Hope you had a good bank holiday.
Rach :) xx

Lee said...

I think it's really pretty.xx

Sarpreet said...

Gorgeous pin cushions. love it. I have a lot to learn.

Clare said...

Just had to watch the videos, then some more, then some more!!! Why is crafting sooooooo addictive! Thanks for sharing. Clare_2